Top 5 Vegan Beauty Products

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One of my best friends, Hannah, also happens to be the LA Vegan Examiner. This has been an awesome situation for me, because I still have a lot to learn about what makes a product Vegan and Cruelty Free! I asked her tell us about her top 5 Vegan Beauty products and she was kind enough to agree. Enjoy!

Beautification is never an easy process. Effort of some kind is always involved, and every person’s chemistry is different. Then there is the issue of how ingredients are sourced, tested, and produced to be considered. A scary world to navigate, indeed.

I am the LA Vegan Examiner, and I would venture to say that 99% of my cosmetics, especially the ones I use every day, are cruelty free and vegan; made with ingredients that I can pronounce and recognize. As someone with ridiculously sensitive, combination skin and a day job that requires me to always look my best, I am always researching and testing for the next best beauty product that aligns with my ethical beliefs.

The list below details the cosmetics, skincare, and beauty products in general that would give me anxiety if I did not have them on hand for daily use.

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1. North Coast Organics deodorant: I started using their “Death by Lavender” deodorant almost a year ago. I was shocked at how friendly their online service was, and how yummy the lavender scent turned out to be. They have now started to make lotion bars, and their new “Naked” deodorant for sensitive skin has me smelling deliciously fresh. They also make a “Revolver” deodorant line for men.
banner32. Fanciful Fox peanut butter lip balm: Lip balm is a must; my lips would shrivel and die without it. This lip balm glides on like a dream, and makes your lips smell like Reese’s Pieces, minus the cruelty. I also have a their pink, peach flavored tinted lip balm for a touch of color. Any of their other products, especially their toner and soaps, are amazing. Everything is hand made, vegan, and cruelty free. They also list ‘love’ as an ingredient. Win.
restorative-biotin-shampoo-strengthens-and-repairs-damaged-hair3. Jason: Restorative Biotin Shampoo & Conditioner: Jason has never done me wrong. I was hooked on their tea tree and seaweed scented shampoo and conditioner for a while, but then discovered the Biotin line. My hair has never been so glossy, and the scent is heaven. Whole Foods is always having sales on Jason hair care, just make sure you can find the shampoo! For some reason when there is a sale it is the first to sell out.
4. Jason: “C Effects” Super C Cleanser, Toner, face cream, and Ultra C eye life: I know this is not one item, but this product line is heavy duty awesome and this combination works wonderfully for sensitive skin. The cleanser is not too rough, and the toner does not dry out the skin like many toners are known to do. The moisturizing face cream restores and does not get into your pores and sit there, while the Ultra C eye life will stomp those dark circles like an angry ogre. Apply before bed and be reborn.
5. BWC (Beauty Without Cruelty) Pressed Powder: I am in need of powder when I leave my house; the joys of being white as a ghost with skin that glows red if you touch it. This powder is cruelty free and vegan, and blends with any other cosmetics you might happen to need. I would recommend putting it on last to set everything in place, as it is a little chalky looking if you put something creamy or wet on top like liquid foundation. Used as a finishing touch, it is gorgeous. Check out BWC’s website for all of your cosmetics if you like your brands to match; there is nothing they do not make well.

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