Healthy Jump-Start: Breakfast, Kicks & Music

If you’re like me, working out is just that- work. I’ve always had an active lifestyle, but I don’t necessarily look forward to exercise. Over the years I’ve found 3 things that consistently get me excited about working out: a healthy breakfast (or power meal), cute workout gear and awesome tunes! Here’s what I’m digging at the moment:

Power Breakfast: Kefir and Fruit Parfait with Homemade Granola

-1/2 cup of plain Kefir (I like Lifeway)

-diced strawberries, bananas and blueberries

homemade granola (I like to make it with steel cut oats for my parfait, because then you get crunch in every bite!)

I build my parfait Kefir first, then add the fruit. Once the fruit goes in the cup, I top with some homemade granola and mix it all together. If you feel like the plain Kefir isn’t sweet enough, you can top with a drizzle of honey- but I love the tartness of the yogurt with the sweet fruit and granola.

Kefir Parfait

I have to credit my girlfriend Anna for turning me on to Kefir. Although Kefir has similarities to yogurt, it’s actually a lot thiner and is sold as a drink (I still eat it with a spoon though). Kefir balances your body’s ecosystem and supports digestive health and immunity – with 12 live and active cultures per cup. Plus, it’s an excellent source of calcium, protein and it’s 99% lactose free. Kefir is made with milk from grass fed cows that are free of rBGH (Bovine Growth Hormones) and antibiotics. Plus, the milk is produced without pesticides and comes from small family owned farms committed to the humane treatment of their animals. Long story short- it’s delicious AND nutritious!

Work Out Gear: Adidas Springblades

Not only are these shoes cute, but they’re like explosive energy under your feet. The Springblade, introduced last year, is the first running shoe with blade technology designed to help propel you forward. The shoe’s 16 individually tuned blades react to any environment, compressing and releasing energy. When I got these I was actually scared to wear them outside the gym because of the blades– but they’re unbelievable in both settings. It’s truly like running on air. You can purchase them on and stores nationwide, including Finish Line. Mine are in Solar Blue.

Adidas Springblade

Awesome Tunes: Pandora Workout Stations

I have my own playlists, but sometimes it’s nice to have some variety. Until recently, I had no idea that there were workout playlists on Pandora! I have tried a handful of them, and here are my favorites:

Dance Cardio (my favorite!!)

Workout Radio

Yoga Radio (for yoga, meditation, cool-down)

Pop Fitness Radio (if you want to pretend you’re in a Britney video)

Zumba Fitness Radio (you won’t understand a word, but it’s super upbeat)

Country Fitness (this is the only one on my list that can be hit or miss)


What motivates you to get moving? Let’s share our secrets in the comments below!

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