Tips For Styling A Bar Cart

If you follow me on social media, you’ll remember me posting a gorgeous bar cart built by Aaron Massey aka Mr. Fix It. Aaron is a super-talented craftsman with a home improvement channel on YouTube, and I was honored when he asked me to put the finishing touches on his latest project!

This gorgeous bar cart was built for $200 as a wedding gift for Aaron’s friends (I guess you can’t arrive with Bed Bath and Beyond gift cards if this guy’s invited), and it looks better than anything you can find at a high end furniture store.


I dressed the bar with a mixture of items from World Market and around the house. Setting up a unique space does not need to be expensive! Here are my tips for making your outdoor bar fabulous:

1. Utilize trays for easy set-up and clean up

Styling your items onto trays is the perfect way to bring everything in and out of the house. It also keeps liquids off your bar if you have a surface you want to keep dry. I used a woven tray from my laundry room!


2. Add items with color to help your bar stand out

Items with color don’t necessarily have to be unusable accessories! I love San Pellegrino Limonata bottles for their color, and the beverage is a perfect base for light summery cocktails. You can also fill a jar with fruit like I did! Why not accessorize with items you’re going to use? Another great way to bring in color is with flowers from your own backyard. I grabbed some of Aaron’s unused bottles and jars, and filled them with flowers from around the house. Zero dollars for a beautiful burst of color!


3. Choose glassware that aligns with your bar’s style

Let your glassware set the mood. I chose Mason Jars for this rustic set up- but if I would have used formal glassware, it would have created an entirely different feel. Start with the glasses that represent the mood of your occasion, and build out from there.


4. Accessorize with blankets or throws

I LOVE these throws from World Market! They show your guests that you’re concerned with their comfort. You can throw them around you at the end of the night, let the kiddos play on them, or lay them out for a picnic. They bring the perfect amount of color and warmth to this piece.


You can watch the process in this video! Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel while you’re at it:

Spot something you love? Here’s the product list for items I purchased:

Mason Jars

Striped Paper Straws

Citrus Press

Wine Rack


Glass Lantern

Mortar and Pestle

Ice Scoop

If you’re wondering about those cool looking black bottles- it’s a brand of tea called Owl’s Brew and it’s crafted especially for cocktails. It’s delicious and their bottles are perfect for a rustic set-up like this one.

If you want to see how Aaron built this bar from the ground up, follow him on Pinterest, YouTube and FacebookWhat was your favorite accessory on the bar?

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