Where The Wild Things Are Nursery

Here’s what’s going on in Max’s room!


This print is from SouthPacific on Etsy. It hangs on the little section of wall right through his doorway.


This is the view from the doorway. I love the custom chalkboard from BeauTiedAffair on Etsy, she did such a great job.


We got the chalkboard framed at Hobby Lobby for $5!


This pouf was a Target find! It’s on the firmer side, so it’s great for sitting on or using as a little play table.


For my baby shower my mom gave me the sweetest gift ever: over 30 books, and all of them have a main character named Max. She had been searching and buying them for me for months. I loved this gift so much and I’m totally copying her for shower gifts from now on.


She also gave me a Max doll to rule the reading nook.


The gallery shelves are from Ikea. I was at such a loss for what to do with this section of wall, and I love all the color that the books add.


A couple wild things hanging out in Max’s bookshelf which is also from Target.


This area still needs some work. I want to style the top of the bookcase and add some pillows to the rug area- but I’m not in a rush…just waiting for the right things. I’ve been on the hunt for cool bookends and a little fan for a while now. You’ll also remember that I REALLY wanted a teepee for this area. I finally realized (after considering moving everything into a small corner to make it fit) that I need to wait a little while until I purchase one. If we have time maybe we can DIY one that’s the appropriate size, but there’s no way I can fit one from Land of Nod in that corner…and honestly…he won’t even be able to go in it for a long time anyway! We’ll probably wait until the glider’s out to make my teepee dreams come true.


These antlers were a Hobby Lobby find, and hang between the two windows. I was originally going to hang them over the Max print that’s near the door, but my husband thinks this will make a cool hat rack and wanted to leave them hanging on their own. I think hats will look super cute too!


I’m in love with the black and brass floor lamp over the rocker. I found it at Marshall’s (which is also where I found the faux sheep skin on the floor). The second sheep skin is from Ikea.


I found this really cool bin at Hobby Lobby for next to the rocker. I stocked it up with books and magazines for mommy and daddy, but it will eventually become another toy bin.


This glider is from Babies R Us. I was adamant that I did not want an “old school” wooden framed glider. I really wanted a upholstered glider that looked super high-end. Don’t you hate it when you know function is the better option? I fought it for a good week, but after sitting in this chair at the store I knew it would be the most comfortable for Max and me. I also tried to hide the gliding foot rest in the closet and replace it with a fashionable pouf, and my husband had to put his foot down. It really is the most comfortable option for the room, and it takes up a lot less space than the monster chairs I was in love with at Pottery Barn and Land of Nod.


The shelf above the glider is an Ikea hack. I spray painted the hardware with brass spray paint so it would match the hardware on the dresser and the lamp below. I’m really happy with how it turned out.


This cool little bear pot is from Anthropologie and the print is from AshleyPercival on Etsy.

IMG_0816The “Be Brave Little One” printable is really just a place holder until we have baby pics. It was a free printable found here. Frame from Marshall’s, pot from TPT Home (but I shopped for it in my house) and the little crown is from Hobby Lobby (a centerpiece from the shower my mom threw me).


I’m in love with the prints I found for over the changing table. They’re from PerlaAnne on Etsy.




This little bowl for Max’s pacifiers was another Target find. I know I’ll be changing up this area once I get a feel for what works, and what products I use. 


I bought these SKUBB organizers for the drawers from Ikea and I HIGHLY recommend them! They’re so cheap and fit perfectly. I also love that you can pull out the section you need and set it on top of the changing table and then slide it right back in.


IMG_0775These pillow are from Blabla Kids and ClaireOnCloud9. I spent way too much on them. I regret nothing.


And here’s a picture of me with antlers and a BIG OL’ BELLY! I can’t wait to bring the little guy home to his room, but until then, this is where I’ll be- folding and re-folding and moving things a fraction of an inch 15 times in a day.

The things I want to do are minimal- and a lot of them may very well get done after the baby is home:

  • A pillow for the glider
  • Some pillows and one more toy bin for the reading nook
  • Bookends and/or a fun fan for on top of the bookcase. Maybe even a night light or something else?
  • Hang blackout shades

For now all we need to do is add a baby!

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