Urban Sitter Review

I’m grateful that I’m able to stay home with my son. I relish every first, every giggle…every moment really. When I was offered the opportunity to try Urban Sitter I was a little nervous. I’ll admit, I’m a little (a lot!) possessive over feedings, and I was worried that someone would come in and not give my baby the undivided attention that I do. I was also nervous about finding someone through a service and not a personal recommendation.


I started to think about the fact that I hadn’t taken a shower longer than 5 minutes since his birth…I had laundry to the ceiling on our guest room bed and was working late nights to fulfill blog deadlines. MAYBE I should at least give a little help a try. I decided to hire a babysitter as a “mommy’s helper”; that way I could be home if Max needed anything, but also get work done. Mommies Of The World, the experience was BLISS!

First, let me tell you a little bit about the process. The Urban Sitter site introduces you to sitters in your area that all have background checks. Each sitter has a video message which is really nice, and also an extensive bio and reviews from real families. It also shows you how many “repeat families” they have- so you can tell that these sitters are really doing a great job. You can also get recommendations from parents you know. UrbanSitter taps in to your friends and parenting social circles to help you find sitters personally hired and reviewed by parents from your child’s school, afterschool activities, and your network of friends on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Another thing I really like is it tells you how many years of experience sitters have with your baby’s age range; finding a sitter that has cared for infants for at LEAST a year was very important to me.

I booked my sitter through the app and got a confirmation within minutes. I booked for Saturday, late on a Thursday night, so the app’s great for a last minute situation! My sitter also sent me a personal message which I loved.

I was so nervous the morning our sitter was due to show up. What if Max won’t nap for her? Am I really going to let someone I’ve never met give my baby a bottle? Should I follow them around the house or give them space?


Max’s new friend read him his very favorite book!

From the minute the sitter walked in I felt so comfortable. She washed her hands and started loving on my son immediately. I can’t describe the joy I felt hearing him giggle from the other room, while she sang him songs and read him books. When nap time rolled around I felt nervous again as I heard him do his normal fussing- but I was in awe of the patience and kindness she showed my baby as she put him down for his nap…and soothed him…and sang to him…and soothed him some more…and then, quiet. She crept into the office and asked if I needed any help around the house while he slept. I told her to relax, but I was so impressed by the offer!

Hearing them play was music to my ears.

Hearing them play was music to my ears.

This was a huge learning experience for me in so many ways. I’ve learned that help is ok, and I’ve found a service that is extremely on point. I don’t think my heart is ready to leave Max just yet, but I’ll definitely continue to have this sitter come every once in a while to give me time to do housework, get work done in daylight and (gulp) take a shower. Then when I’m ready, I have someone who knows the ins and outs of our routine, and I’ve observed first hand how she treats my baby (which is wonderfully!).

 Max was treated to a walk around the neighborhood before the sitter left for the day. Having so much fun is exhausting!

Max was treated to a walk around the neighborhood before the sitter left for the day. Having so much fun is exhausting!

The rates vary from sitter to sitter, but are extremely reasonable. You put your credit card info onto the site, so you don’t have to worry about writing a check or having the right amount of cash. Just confirm that they showed up and the app takes care of the rest! That’s great for people like me who are forever cashless.

If you’d like to try out Urban Sitter, they’ve offered a free month for my readers. The promotional coupon code is: FORFREETRIAL

Again, I would never suggest anything I wouldn’t use for my own baby- and this experience was a joy.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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