Must-Have Baby Items 0-3 Months

It’s hard to believe my sweet little boy is 3 months old! As quickly as he’s outgrowing his onesies, I’m having to snag new products that will accommodate his changing needs. I thought it would be fun to share my favorite baby products so far, since the things we use change so fast. I’m also including a couple duds. Every baby’s different- so this list isn’t the end-all-be-all, just stuff that works (and doesn’t) for us!

Items I Love:

Motorola Remote Wireless Video Monitor


We love this monitor. It’s super sensitive to sound, so I can actually hear my baby breathing if I put my ear up to it. It also has fantastic night vision and a clear picture.

The Nose Frida


If you had told me a year ago that I’d be sucking snot out of my child’s nose, I wouldn’t believe you- but this is the BEST invention. Even though you’re doing the sucking, there’s no way any baby boogers can make their way into your mouth. This is so much more pleasant than the bulb syringe, and my little one isn’t bothered by it at all.

White Noise App


When Max takes his daytime naps, I usually put my phone on airplane mode and use this white noise app. I like it for naps because no matter where we are, the noise is consistent. I’ve even played it through the speakers of my car on trips where he’s started fussing.

Miracle Blanket


We’ve made our way through lots of swaddles (all of which I liked), but this one keeps my little ninja the most secure. I LOVED when I was able to bundle him up nice and tight in nothing but a muslin blanket- but unfortunately he finds his way out of those these days. This swaddle definitely isn’t as easy to get on as the zip front ones, but it’s worth it.

Aden and Anais Swaddle Blankets


You can’t have too many of these muslin blankets! I use them for nursing, for blocking the sun when he’s in his stroller, for over my shoulder when burping and I used to use them for swaddling. They’re just so light and perfect.

Tommy Tippee Bottles



We don’t use bottles very often, but we’ve really loved these Tommee Tippees. I know bottle preference is different for each baby, but we’ve had great luck and little gas from these guys.

Medela Breast Pump


I was issued this pump by my insurance company, but you can also rent them at Babies R Us. I used another pump briefly and it wasn’t even close in comfort. It’s a bit bulky and needs to be plugged in, so if you need something that travels easily this might not be for you- but I love it.

My Brest Friend



I can’t say enough about this pillow. Some moms are really great about getting their baby into a good feeding position with no help, but I was super awkward. This pillow really boosted my confidence during those first couple weeks of breastfeeding. The pillow is super firm, so you can actually get up and walk around if you need to without disturbing the baby during a marathon feeding.

Honest Company Healing Balm


I wasn’t a fan of Honest Company diapers, but their grooming products have been great for Max. This healing balm is my absolute favorite; you can put it on everything! I use it on little cuts (he LOVES scratching his face…), on irritated skin and the area under his shirt where he gets drooly. It’s also great on mama’s elbows and lips!



I know it seems crazy to spend $20 on a pacifier, but in this case it’s so worth it! Max’s Wubbanub of choice is a frog, and if that little guy isn’t in the diaper bag we’re turning the car around! I love that he can use it to soothe himself in a few ways: sucking on the pacifier, chewing on the pacifier end or just cuddling with the stuffed part.

Brica Baby In-Sight Mega Mirror


I’m a big fan of this car mirror by Brica. It’s large enough that I only have to glance into my review mirror quickly to make sure the baby’s doing alright.


Boppy Lounger


It’s become the family joke to call this lounger the “poop chair”, because every time the baby sits in it…he poops.  It must be something about the position, but sitting on this little throne has become a part of Max’s morning routine. Like father, like son.

Wonder Weeks App


This is a really great app that some other moms told me about. It gives you insight as to why your baby might be extra clingy, fussy, withdrawn etc. week by week. It’s been spot on for us, and has really encouraged me knowing that certain fussy periods are not my fault- just growing pains.

Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny Bouncer


This was another recommendation from a friend, and it’s been a life saver! I carry this bouncer all around the house with me. Max hangs out in it while I take showers and play peek-a-boo with the shower curtain. We also set it right in the center of the kitchen table on nights we actually eat dinner before he goes to bed. It’s a great little seat for some hands free time for mommy, and it vibrates, plays music and bounces for baby.

Fisher Price Kick-n-Play Piano Gym


This is such a fun little mat and it’s a great way to give the baby some play time out of my arms. He plays music with his feet, grabs for the rings and LOVES looking at himself in the mirror (I would too if I was that cute). This mat transitions into tummy time play and then you can detach the piano when baby’s big enough to play with it on their lap.

Safety First Healthcare & Grooming Set


This is a great little starter set with everything you (might not know you) need for baby. I’ve already used the thermometer, brush, medicine bottle and nail clippers multiple times. It’s a super reasonable price and everything is really good quality.

Crib Wedge


Max dealt with reflux in his first couple months, so this wedge was a life saver when we transitioned him from his rock-n-play to the crib. Once he didn’t need it anymore, I slid him down it every couple of days, until he was used to laying flat.

4 Moms Tub


The BEST purchase ever. Maybe my favorite baby item. I do bath time alone so this tub gives me complete piece of mind. I know that he’s not going to slide into the water when both hands aren’t on him, and I have no fear of the water temperature getting too hot. The thermometer tests the water temperature before it flows into the main tub. It’s great quality and very affordable- I can’t recommend it enough.

First Years White Noise


This is a great sound machine! It goes all night, so you don’t have to worry about it timing out. There are a handful of relaxing womb sounds to choose from in addition to music. We used it nightly for 2 months, and still use it on nights where there’s more noise than usual in the house.

Items That Underwhelmed Me:

Hooded Towels


I got a ton of hooded towels for my baby shower, and took the tags off all of them! The hooded towels will be great when it warms up a little, but I’ve found that a big adult sized bath towel keeps Max the warmest straight out of the tub. The hooded towels that come in packs tend to be super thin and don’t absorb a lot of water. These are adorable and I know they’ll come in handy one day- but my suggestion is to only register for a few.

Fisher-Price My Little Snugapuppy Cradle ‘N Swing


I have friends who swear by this swing, so every baby’s different. We returned ours because even the slowest setting seemed so fast and the mechanism that made it swing was SO loud!! As you can see, we use all the other snugapuppy products- this one just wasn’t right for us. It also took up a ton of room in our little house.



I’m not really sure how this is marketed as a nursing pillow…. I didn’t find it supportive enough for me or the baby. On the package it shows it being used for tummy time and lounging down the line, so maybe I’ll come around to it. I thought it was a must-have, and it’s barely been used.

Love/Hate Relationship:

Moby Wrap Baby Carrier


I love, love, love this wrap once it’s on- but getting there can be a little daunting. If I’m going somewhere I think I may need it, I usually put it on before I get in the car. It’s a really great wrap, it just takes a lot of practice.



This goes on the “love/hate” list because for the money you’d expect it to immediately rock the baby into the most joyous sleep ever. Max really does like it. If we put him in it he’s very content to look at the mobile and chill out with the smooth rocking motions; but if you’re thinking it’s a magic machine because of the price tag, it’s not. On the plus side, it’s super space efficient and gives you a huge variety of options when it comes to sound and motion.

Snuggapuppy Rock and Play



This item is “love” because my baby was obsessed with it, and this item is “hate” because my baby was obsessed with it. So many of my mom friends use these for sleeping so I was really excited to get one. Max absolutely loved it, but he’s a tall baby and grew out of it really fast! Taking him out of this fuzzy, comfy hammock and putting him into the bassinet was a huge bum out for mommy and baby- so I think next time I’ll try to bypass the rock and play and start in the bassinet. It really is awesome though, and I loved traveling with it!

Sleep Sheep



I really do love this Sleep Sheep, but I have one beef with it: the noise times out after 45 minutes. Max’s naps are usually longer than that, so I wish it had an option for no timer. It’s still precious and does the trick, but he’s woken up a couple times when the noise just stopped. Darn you, sheep!

Levana Oma+ Powered by Snuza Portable Baby Movement Monitor



This baby movement monitor is amazing in concept. The purple part at the top sits on baby’s skin (you clip it onto the diaper) and if it doesn’t sense movement for a certain amount of time it vibrates to stimulate the baby. If there’s no reaction to the vibration an alarm goes off. Awesome invention and definitely gives mommy piece of mind. The thing that stinks is, it’s woken up the baby a couple times when he was just fine. I don’t know if it wiggled into a bad position and lost contact with his skin, but both times it happened it bummed me out. When Max makes the transition from bassinet to nursery I’ll definitely start using it again, but we’re taking a break while he’s still next to me. A friend of mine also suggested using it for long car rides which I think is genius!


These are the products that have really stood out to me these last couple months. Have you had good/bad experiences with any of them? Anything I didn’t mention that’s a must-have in your book? Let me know in the comments below!

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