Etsy Fave: Betsy Farmer Hand Stamped Jewelry

I’m an online shopping junkie. Praise the Lord we live in a world where I can find thoughtful gifts from the comfort of my sofa. I love buying meaningful presents, and hitting Etsy is so much easier than browsing with a 10 month old. Actually, let’s be real- before I had the baby I shopped from my couch too….

I wanted to share one of my favorite shops. I’ve purchased Betsy Farmer’s jewelry for myself, friends and family; her pieces are just plain special. On top of that, she’s such a pleasure to work with.


Before I gush anymore, I want you to know this isn’t sponsored or the shop of a friend- because it’s going to start to sound that way with how wonderful my experiences have been.

On top of loving to online shop, I’m also GREAT at last minute. I don’t suggest you procrastinate, but Betsy has an option for expedited production/delivery and has always messaged me back within hours (usually minutes!). The customer service is amazing.


All 3 times I’ve shopped with her I’ve purchased a customized gold bar necklace: One with my son and husband’s initials (in rose gold), one with the word “Grammie” on the front and the initials of the grand-babies on the back, and one with a friend and her husband’s initials on the front and their wedding date on the back. All three turned out beyond gorgeous. There’s something so special about customized jewelry, and that’s elevated when it’s handmade.

In addition to the bar necklaces she has amazing customizable pieces like the anchor ring (below). How freaking cute is that?


I wear my gold bar necklace almost every day and it gets tugged on by my son a lot. In fact, when he nurses he loves to run it between his fingers and twist it. It looks very delicate, but it has held up to a lot of tugging.

The photo below isn’t me, it’s pulled from Betsy’s Etsy page, but this is a layering necklace she has available. I love layering my necklace with all sorts of pieces. I’ve even mixed metals; it’s super versatile. I was a little confused about which length I should get, so I just wanted to share: I got the 19 inch and it’s perfect.


Betsy’s jewelry is great for new moms, anniversaries, birthdays, wedding showers- you name it! With Valentine’s Day around the corner now’s the perfect time to drop a hint…or do what I did and just buy one for yourself!


HERE’S her shop link and HERE’S her Instagram. Treat your self. You deserve it.

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