Parcelly For The Win!

Recently I wanted to send a pick me up to my niece who’s been feeling a little under the weather, and found this adorable company called Parcelly. I wanted to share because their products are so cute and I was super impressed with their customer service!


Celly is short for celebration, which they promise to deliver inside a parcel, straight to your mailbox (or to a loved one). They carry the most perfectly unique, personalized gift packages for any occasion whether it be a birthdayweddingbad day or even a break-up . If you’re short on time or ideas, Parcelly is your knight in shining armour. I sent the Box Of Sunshine, but I’m obsessed with all of their boxes! Here’s what ours looked like…

Copy of Yellow BoxCopy of Yellow Box w CardCopy of no apostrophe bagCopy of IMG_1278DSC_7008new

This company is so, so cute! It looks like they’re taking a short break until September to gear up with new designs- but in the meantime BOOKMARK THEM and check out their awesome products HERE.

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