Summer Jump-Start: One Week Fitness Challenge

I remember vividly the day I knew “it was time” after having Max. I put him on our bed in his Boppy Lounger, and threw every piece of maternity clothing I owned into a big storage container, so I wouldn’t feel inclined to wear it anymore. It was also the day I realized I needed to stop using the, “I just had a baby excuse” when it came to caring for myself. That feeling has taken a bit longer after having Sammy (8 months). I’ve given myself grace up until now, and I think that was a good idea, but it’s time to start putting energy into my health again.

The truth is, we all have people/job commitments that we will absolutely not break. In my current life it’s stuff like: swim lessons, baby gym and nap schedules- very important activities for two little humans. I like to rack myself with guilt when it comes to “me time”, but today I really thought about it: What if I treated the commitment to my health like I treated commitments for others? And more importantly: What kind of example do I want to set for my children?

This is absolutely not about vanity; oddly enough I’m at my pre-baby weight- but the stamina and strength is gone- along with my energy. It’s time to focus on getting strong again and it’s time to start treating my diet with as much care as I put into my children’s (I literally roasted pears for popsicles the other day- POPSICLES!)

All of that being said, I am THRILLED to be teaming up with Cari (Fitness expert and Creator of and Ashwood West (my go-to boutique for the most flattering athletic apparel) to bring you a really fun fitness challenge to kick off the summer. Lord knows I need it!

Starting Monday (June 12th), I will be posting daily workouts created by Cari, snack and meal ideas, our fitness favorites and more! The icing on the cake (is that allowed?) is Ashwood West will be giving away a gorgeous piece of gear to one lucky winner. It’s going to be awesome.

So mark your calendars, and start checking back daily. I’ll be sharing some tips and recipe ideas before we get started, so we’re all ready to go Monday. Who’s in?!


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