1 Week Challenge: Healthy Snack Ideas!

Last week I posted on Instagram and asked for you to tell me in 3 words “What gets in the way of your productivity?”. Almost everyone included either: overwhelm or un-organization. I am right there with you! When I really think about why I fail when it comes to exercising and food, it’s always a lack of planning…usually caused by feeling too tired to lay the ground work.

The truth of the matter is, being prepared with healthy snacks is not hard- at all. I DO NOT leave my house without an arsenal of snacks and water for my toddler. I have fruit, and Lara Bars and string cheese- lots of healthy options to keep him happy and satisfied….because if he isn’t, what happens? Mood swings, exhaustion, dehydration and the dreaded meltdown. And when those things happen, I reach for the nearest crappy snack I can find to make him happy- and that’s not good. Sound familiar?

Let’s all start being intentional and putting care into packing healthy options for ourselves, shall we? Let’s avoid getting hangry and making bad choices. Phone, car keys, wallet, SNACKS! Repeat: Phone, car keys, wallet, SNACKS!

Cari, from the Pragmatic Unicorn has a great list of her favorite snacks HERE, and I’m also sharing mine below. I want to make it very clear during this challenge that I’m not a nutritionist or trainer. I’m just a mama who’s trying to get strong again, and starting a conversation. That being said, I would love for you to list some of your fave snacks in the comments below, so we can all help each other with ideas!

Some of my fave snacks-

  • Energy Bites
  • Frozen fruit dipped in unsweetened Greek yogurt
  • Melon balls (I’m telling you, it tastes better balled)
  • Almonds
  • Lara Bars
  • Homemade Granola 
  • Skinny Pop
  • Hard boiled eggs (if you don’t feel like prepping, they sell them at Costco)
  • Carrots or apple with nut butter
  • String cheese
  • Raw veggies and hummus
  • Kale chips
  • Turkey and cottage cheese roll ups (Max loves these!)
  • Wasa crisps with sliced turkey
  • Olives
  • Avocado toast

Don’t forget to head over HERE to read Cari’s (much more in-depth) list. What are your some of your favorite healthy snacks?

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