1 Week Challenge: Menu Suggestions and Equipment List

So, I’m doing an awesome fitness challenge starting Monday. If you haven’t read about it yet, you can check out the info HERE.

The goal in terms of eating is to simply- eat healthy. I linked to some healthy snacks HERE, but I also wanted to share a bit about my shopping list/main dishes. 

Cari of The Pragmatic Unicorn will be our fitness guru for the week, and this is what she suggests:

  • Drink lots of water, and cut out sodas, juices, etc.  If you drink coffee with cream and sugar, try to limit that to one cup per day and try green tea or black coffee if you need an extra cup of caffeine.
  • Eat a healthy breakfast (check her site for ideas)
  • Be prepared with healthy snacks 
  • Avoid sugar this week! It’s tough, but we can do this for one week!  
  • High calorie meals:  Limit eating out to once or twice this week.  Don’t go overboard and order extremely high calorie meals (meals with heavy sauces, tons of sugar, etc).
  • Get plenty of rest!  If you aren’t exercising regularly then these workouts might make you very sore.  Get extra sleep if possible (I know, it can be tough!) to help your body recover.

I truly believe that diet is personal. It has to be something that’s sustainable for you, or you won’t succeed. Right now, I’m breastfeeding and I’m also cooking for a toddler. So, I’m in a place where I feel like I need complex carbs, and I also don’t want to be making 3 separate meals. I will be focusing on clean and balanced. Food that will nourish and fuel our entire household- baby Sammy included.

I stumbled upon this Clean Eating Challenge that Buzz Feed created in 2015- and I think it’s a great starting point, packed with tons of ideas (and a shopping list!). I’m making little tweaks  to make things toddler friendly, and subbing in my go-to recipes/suggestions from Cari; but it’s a great source of inspiration. What I love is it includes uses for leftovers- so you’re getting the most out of every single ingredient. If you decide to do it, just note that recipes are 1 serving size- so you need to account for more people. Just a cool link to have in your arsenal, as it has 2 weeks worth of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack ideas!

Cari also has great, family friendly recipes on her site. Check them out HERE. She posted these frittata muffins, and they will be going on my list! Max will hardly eat any meat, but thank the heavens- at least he’ll eat eggs!

Since we’re talking about what we’re going to eat- let’s also talk about the equipment we’re going to need.

This challenge is designed for maximum impact in a small amount of time.   It can be done at home with nothing but a few pairs of dumbbells.  A chair would be helpful for day one’s workout but not required. This workout is perfect for busy moms! 

Weights needed:  Various weighted dumbbells for both upper body and legs.  For advanced exercisers, 20-25 pounds is suggested for legs, for beginning-intermediate exercisers use 12-15 pounds (these are pairs, so 24-30 pounds total) for the leg exercises.  For upper body, weights ranging from 8-12 pounds will be needed.

If you have ANY questions, leave them in the comments section or head over to Instagram and message me there. This is meant to be super interactive and fun!

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