My Travel Lifesaver: The Getaway Makeup Clutch

My family is currently out of the country for a 7 week trip. My husband has a job in the Cayman Islands, and after lots of thought, I decided to follow him with the kids.

I’d say the most daunting thing about making the decision to travel along with the kids, was packing for 2 toddlers and 2 adults. My daughter is only 1 1/2, so we’re still in the stage of lots of gear! We also stopped for a wedding along the way…so when you also factor in formal attire for 4 people- it’s A LOT of stuff!

There were a lot of things I just couldn’t cut down on, but along the way I discovered some amazing space-saving products, like this Getaway Makeup Clutch.

I’m going to be honest, my makeup bag is usually a complete disaster. Just tons of products thrown on top of each other. This bag really helps you streamline, and it holds SO MUCH! The clutch helps you personalize your makeup experience by allowing you to bring smaller amounts of your makeup on the go! It comes with doubled-sided travel-sized makeup brushes, a mini eyelash curler (genius!), a removable snap-in pouch for keeping things such as contact lenses separated, and a selection of tubes and containers ready to be filled with your favorite makeup. You don’t need to pack any brushes!

Allowing you to avoid carrying large bottles around, the Getaway Makeup Clutch is what you always wished a compact makeup bag would be: super organized, filled with an edited range of essentials and ready to go. I used 2 of the containers for foundation and the 3rd for my moisturizer with SPF. I filled the small container with loose powder (freaking amazing not to bring the whole thing) and then packed the rest of my makeup, along with Lash Boost, a makeup sponge, tweezers and Q-tips in the compartments.

I didn’t take pictures of the clutch in perfect, unused condition, because I wanted you to see it with real stuff in it! This is after 1 week of travel, and I will definitely have enough product to get me through the entire month and a half.

Routines en Route is currently taking pre-orders on Indiegogo. I have no affiliation, this isn’t sponsored and I don’t know the creator personally (celebrity make-up artist, Nicki Alkire-Chestnut). One of the perks of being a blogger is sometimes I get to try things out in advance, and when I love something I share!

The campaign offers different packages; if you’re a bride, this would be amazing for your bridesmaids! Or if you have a friend with a birthday coming up, get the Bestie Pack- it’s the best gift!!! Here’s the link: INDIEGOGO 

Make sure you order before the prices go up!


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Let me know if you get your hands on one, and tell me how you like it!

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