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10 Minute Trader Joe’s Meal: Breakfast Bowls

It would be silly for me to call this a “recipe”, because it’s really just a throwing-together of TJ’s ingredients- but it’s become a family favorite! Although these bowls are made with traditional breakfast ingredients, I make them for dinner. They’re super hearty, and great for nights we’re running in the door from an activity 30 mins before dinner time. We’re talking fridge to table in 10 mins.

You don’t have to use Trader Joe’s ingredients. They happen to be popular in SoCal, where I live- but any variation of these ingredients will do!

For the base of my bowl, I use these frozen potatoes and diced apple sausage.

I throw the diced sausage and potatoes in a pan and cook (together) according to the directions. Then I throw in whatever veggies I have in the fridge. Tonight it was diced mushrooms, which added some really great moisture to the bowls. I know typically, you would want breakfast potatoes crisp- but I find in a bowl like this, you don’t want it to be too dry- so feel free to add lots of veggies.

When the potatoes and sausage are just about done, I make some over-easy eggs and set aside on a sheet pan. Scoop the potato mixture into bowls and top with gooey eggs, fresh herbs (I used cilantro), pico de gallo, avocado and a drizzle of hot sauce! You can get creative with your toppings: blistered tomatoes, crumbled bacon, goat cheese cheese, kimchi…whatever you have on hand!

I’m always looking for quick meals, so I hope this gave you some inspiration! Let me know how yours turn out!

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