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3 Hairstyles to Ditch The “Mom Bun” (Video)

From Mon-Fri you will find me with my hair in a top knot. I love a good bun, and I also believe us mamas should wear our hair and clothing in a way that makes us feel comfortable- but here’s the deal: The area of my hair that’s ALWAYS pulled tight in a rubber band is totally breaking. The bottom inch of hair that sticks out of the bottom of the knot is totally dry too. I really wanted to figure out some cute ways to pull my hair off my face that would allow my hair to breathe so to speak!

I’m so lucky to know the duo behind the popular Instagram account @knot_professionals! Kacey and Sandy spent an afternoon with me and taught me these 3 hairstyles! I’ve actually done all 3, on both myself and my daughter- and it’s so fun to have some new looks in my arsenal. Mama or not, you should give them a try!

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