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7 Must-Have Beauty Products For Summer


It’s time to gear up for summer, so I wanted to share some beauty products I’m loving. All of them are great year-round; but extra awesome to keep hair and skin on point in the summer sun.

1. Moroccanoil Dry Scalp Treatment My scalp and lips take a beating in the summer. I love this treatment because it’s easy to incorporate into my shower routine and works almost instantly. I divide my hair into sections and put it on my scalp, leave it on 5-10 mins and then just shampoo/condition regularly.

2. Philip B Anti-Frizz Formula 57 I live by the beach, so the frizz is REAL! I put a dab of this through my hair before a blow out or styling with heat, and it seals a frizz free finish for days. I took it on a recent vacation to the Cayman Islands (humidity central) and would put a little through my ends mid-day and re-flat iron; it worked like a charm.

3. Green Goo First Aid Salve This is the best herbal salve out there in my opinion. It’s great for insect bites, sunburns, chapped lips and the bikini area post shave (among other things!). It’s completely organic and all natural, so it’s also safe for the littles. A must-have for your purse, beach tote and diaper bag.

4. Philip B Maui Wowie Beach Mist I loveeee beachy waves! I’ve never gotten them naturally at the beach, but I’ve become real good at creating them at home. This spray has a delicious scent that smells like vacation, and is ultra-light. I spray it on my dry hair (although you can use it on damp hair too), divide hair into sections and use the Beachwaver S1 to create loose waves.

5. Arbonne Mattifying Powder This vegan powder is a dream. It helps minimize shine while concealing skin redness for a perfect matte finish. It’s great on days you don’t want to wear a full face, but don’t want shiny skin and also goes on beautifully over foundation.

6. Beachwaver S1 I have been through so many wavers and FINALLY found a great one. Just like with flat irons, I’ve learned that paying a little extra is worth it for a quality hair tool! Translation: No more buying wavers at CVS. With the Beachwaver, you can create three different styles including defined curls, loose beachy waves and glam waves. The ceramic, rotating curling iron provides easy, quality waves in minutes! You can get it online or at beauty stores like Ulta.

7. Safe Harbor Sensitive Lotion SPF 30 Safe Harbor offers a range of sun care products that are complete with a mineral zinc oxide-based formula, which naturally protects skin from the damaging effects of the sun. The awesome thing about their products is they can all be purchased for $9.99 at WalMart! The SPF 30 is a great everyday product; it’s the perfect blend of high SPF protection with natural anti-oxidants that reduce visible signs of UV aging. This lotion also absorbs fast, which makes me very happy.

Let’s keep this going and help each other out. What summer beauty product do we all need to know about?

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