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Baby Must-Have Items 3-6 Months

How is it possible that I’ve had my baby for half a year? Time is just flying by! I loved sharing my must-haves for months 0-3, so I thought I’d do it again for 3-6 months. This has been a really fun time, full of milestones! Like I said last time: these aren’t things I’m positive work for every baby, just stuff that’s worked for us.

Fisher Price Jumperoo


Sometimes my husband and I have to tell Max, “Please don’t jump to the moon, we’ll miss you down here!”- that’s how much he loves this jumper! I really try not to set him in things during the day (when he’s not in the carseat or highchair I like to let him be “free range”), but this is the exception. I feel like being in a standing position and getting to jump up and down is such an awesome feeling for him. Lots of babbles, giggles and screams in this little contraption.

Sophie The Giraffe Teether


When Max ditched the Wubbanub at a little over 3 months I was kind of bummed. I didn’t want him to be hooked on a paci, but I wanted him to have something that he could hold and be soothed by on car rides etc. You’re my girl, Sophie!!! This is the new “can’t leave home without it” item for us. The little guy is in the early stages of teething, and this giraffe has been a lifesaver. I remember a friend’s husband calling it a “twenty-five dollar chew toy”. Yes it is- now take my money.

Baby Breeza


We’re slowly dipping our toes into the world of purees, and this baby food maker has been awesome. I love the fact that it steams and purees all in one. I tried using a mini food processor for my first round of purees, and I couldn’t get a smooth consistency with the small portion of food I was blending (1 sweet potato). I would highly recommend buying or registering for this. Not a NEED, but it definitely makes life easier if you’re making your own food.

Graco 4Ever


The internet is pretty jam-packed with moms pushing their carseat beliefs and preferences on others, so I’m going to leave all opinions and safety rants out. I will just say that we REALLY love this carseat, Max is safe and comfortable, and I highly recommend it. Boom.

Jogging Stroller



We got this jogging stroller (the Baby Jogger Summit X3) as a very generous gift and it has been wonderful to us- but it’s certainly not affordable. I’m not pushing this particular brand, but I will say that having the option of a jogging stroller for walks (this mama does not run!) or hikes has been great. I remember the first time I took my regular stroller on a long walk at the park, and I was literally using a stick to remove grass from the wheels every 5 minutes- it was a huge fail. I’d suggest checking out local buy and sale pages- you can find amazing deals there!

Ergo 360


We originally had the normal Ergo and upgraded to the 360. We really like the option of front facing. On days where Max is nearing a nap, we’ll wear him to our chests and let him snuggle in, and when he’s wide awake we strap him outwards to let him look around. I bought a Moby wrap and just never got the back support that I do with this. It was wonderful when he was teeny tiny, but as he nears 20lbs the Ergo is so much more supportive!

Matimati Baby Bandana Drool Bibs


These are my absolute favorite bibs for all-day (not for eating). They are so cute, but also extremely absorbent. Max is currently drooling like it’s his job, and these just soak it all up without any moisture getting onto his onesie. They also wash really well.

Baby Einstein Discovering Music Activity Table


I love this table because it’s great standing practice. We don’t have a safe coffee table for him to pull himself up with, so I wanted to get him something to encourage him to try. If you buy this, please learn from my mistakes: do not put the legs on until you’re ready (it’s transitional). Once you attach the legs you CANNOT get them back off.

VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube


This cube taught Max to sit on his own! He’d been sitting with assistance, but this kept him focused enough in an upright position to build up his strength/confidence. It’s a really great toy, with music that will never leave your brain- NEVER.

Graco 4-In-1 High Chair


This highchair transforms from infant feeding booster, to a toddler booster, and finally a youth chair. It’s been wonderful to include Max at the table with us. I also bring it in the bathroom with me occasionally if I’m alone and need a shower.



In my 0-3 post the Snuza was on my love/hate list for the false alarms we’d experienced, but I couldn’t have gotten through month 4 without it! Max started sleeping in his own room a couple months ago *sniffle* and I would have gotten ZERO sleep without it. It did go off a couple times when the baby was just fine, but that was almost comforting to know how sensitive it was. Now that he’s learning to crawl and barrel roll all over it’s pretty pointless- but it was a Godsend during the nursery transition.



Max’s favorite thing to play with, and the most inexpensive toys ever are balls! We grab him different textures and sizes as we see them, and rarely pay more that $2. I’ve also noticed that the rolling has encouraged him to practice crawling. They have balls similar to the picture above at Michael’s and the Dollar Store. They’re cushy, with a really awesome texture (great for playing and chewing!).

Mortimer the Moose


This is a great teething and snuggling toy. Max spends long periods of time chewing, shaking and playing with all of the different shapes and textures on this little guy. We’ve had it since he was brand new, and he hasn’t lost interest yet. It’s great for when you’re out and about because it has a clip to attach to the carrier etc.


What did your baby’s love at this age? Anything I’m missing? Any major fails?

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