From The Lab Beauty Box Review

This weekend I received the best kind of mail- the kind that’s full of makeup! After toying with the idea of a beauty box subscription for the last year, I was given the opportunity to try out the new box on the block by, From The Lab.

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From the Lab is a really cool concept. They give women access to the latest beauty products before they hit the retail market. So you get to try products before anyone else. How very VIP of them!

From The Lab partners with labs in Switzerland, France and Italy to secure the latest formulas, revolutionary ingredients and cutting-edge technologies that you won’t see on the shelves for a year or more—and when you do, they’ll be at a much higher price point!

I know what you’re thinking, because I thought it too: Are their products safe if they’re not on the market yet? The answer is yes. The products are heavily tested to ensure they’re suitable for all skin types, and are free of skin-irritating parabens, irritants, phthalates, mineral oils and other comedogenic actives that clog pores.

Here’s what I got in my first box!



Face Primer No. 327

A good face primer is hard to find, but I was very impressed with this one. It glides onto your skin like a light moisturizer, which I love. I could tell I liked it before I even applied my makeup because the fingers I used to apply it didn’t have that dry, powdery feel when I rubbed them together. The formula just absorbs into the skin and leaves you with a seamless finished look.

Eyelift Primer No. 328

My eyes are my facial feature I love to highlight, so I always start with a good primer. I’m going to be very candid- I’ve been using Urban Decay eye primer for a couple years now and didn’t think I could ever be swayed. The truth is, not only did I love this primer equally, if not more- I can also get an entire beauty box for only a couple dollars more than I usually pay for my single primer. I can’t really argue with that. It went on smoothly and held my eyeshadow perfectly in place.


Lip Color Sticks (No. 336, 337 & 335)

The lip sticks came in beautifully vibrant colors that are perfect for summer. My personal favorite is No. 336. They go on smooth and fit perfectly into a clutch! I also love that even though they’re sticks- they twist up and down like lipsticks- no large sharpener required.

From The Lab’s flexible subscription plans start at $23.25/month and if you fall in love with a product you can continue to buy it through their online store for a fraction of the estimated retail price. If you don’t want monthly delivery, that’s not a problem. Membership to From the Lab is FREE and grants you access to their online store, so you can purchase products you love without any promises (I’m not great with commitment- so I like that).

It’s safe to say I was very impressed with everything I got in this months box! All the products were high quality, on trend and extremely affordable.

You can find out more about From The Lab HERE.

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