Bright and Happy Nursery Mood Board

Ever since we found out we’re having a girl I’ve been glued to Pinterest. I can’t remember life before Pinterest, and love the non-stop inspiration…but sometimes there are so many ideas and I want to do them all and my head feels like it’s going to explode from the desert-boho-tribal-donut-metalic-glittery vision I’ve created!!!!

Originally I wanted to do a flamingo nursery (like, 2 years ago before everything exploded into a pink bird) but I feel like it’s everywhere right now…sigh. Instead, I’m going to incorporate one piece of custom flamingo art I have, and focus on creating a space that’s FUN! We don’t have a playroom (a living room that looks like Chuck-E-Cheese, yes, but not a playroom), so I want to put aside my desire to make this into a sparkly girls nursery and allow it to be a second place for both kids to hang out. I’m going to be honest, I’m not good with color….I’m naturally pulled towards WHITE and neutral- but I’ve found a beautiful pastel palette that sits in a comfortable place for me, and I think the kiddos will love it. Here’s the inspo:

PicMonkey Collage

I have the flamingo artwork featured above (but with our little girl’s name) and have ordered the crib pictured. I like that I can still use white as an anchor, and bring in tons of color through accessories and art.

PicMonkey Collage2

The top picture is my inspiration for the closet door. I might change my mind, but I’m really leaning towards keeping the walls a shade of white and then popping in a blue door and/or a strip of color like the one pictured behind the book shelves. What do you guys think? We bought the larger version of the Ikea dresser (middle left) and will use it for a changing table. I’m still deciding on a rug and light fixture. The Elodie Rug by Glitter Guide (bottom middle) has been haunting me for months….it costs an arm and a leg, but I’ve been able to score all the furniture for really reasonable prices so I’m considering the splurge. I’m going to sit on it one more week. Thoughts?

Starting this space has been really exciting, and also a little bittersweet to be honest. This pregnancy has absolutely flown by because I’ve been so focused on Max. I am happy beyond belief to welcome this little girl, and at the same time I have a little soft spot for Max and all of the feelings he’s going to have. Up until now it’s just been him and I every day and he’s still very much a baby to me. I think about things like his nighttime routine…which can sometimes span over 2 hours (because I cherish it) and realize that we’re all going to be making big adjustments….it’s going to be a big, joyous, insane adventure isn’t it? Any advice from mommas who have had their babies super close is welcomed! My heart is full and I know I’m a very lucky girl. I can’t wait to pull this special room together.

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