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Cheap DIY Drawer Organizer (Video)

Home organization can feel like a huge project, and with all of the organizing products on the market- it can also be a huge expense! Aaron (from MrFixItDIY.com) and I created a simple way to get started, one drawer at a time- for $10 or less.

On a recent episode of our podcast we sat down with Kat Pettey of Neat Method who stressed the importance of everything having it’s own space. She inspired us to DIY a drawer organizer that would create more functional drawers in any room of the house. We started with my coffee/tea drawer.

I love swinging this drawer open to offer guests tea, or let them treat themselves to goodies for their coffee. It really is true that when everything has a space, you’re motivated to keep things neat.

Here’s how we did it (INSTRUCTIONS START AT 1:05):

To Recap:

  • Clean out the drawer you want to organize.
  • Measure the dimensions of the inside of the drawer.
  • Plan out where you want your dividers to be.
  • We used some inexpensive “1 by 3” boards that you can get at any hardware store.
  • Measure and mark where you need to cut the boards for the outside frame of the organizer.
    • Remember to account for the width of your board in your measurements so the frame still fits in the drawer!
  • Using painters tape to hold the boards together creating a corner. Apply wood glue to the edges of the joint and tape the frame together to allow the glue to dry in place.
    • Make sure each corner is square before the glue drys  or it won’t fit inside the drawer!
  • You can check to make sure it’s square by measuring both diagonals. They should be the same!
  • Now you can start measuring the inside of your frame and putting in dividers!
  • It’s very easy: Measure, mark, cut, glue.
  • However you decide to layout your drawer will determine how many cuts you need to make
  • Make sure your cuts are straight and accurate for the best looking final product.
  • Once the glue has dried you’re ready to slide the organizer into the drawer and fill it up!
    • If you want, you can also paint the organizer to add a nice contrast to the inside of your drawer!
  • Now, as Kat suggested, everything has a home!

For our full interview with Kat and more tips and tricks, listen to our podcast HERE!

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