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Clean Skincare I Love: Knours Beauty

We’ve made big lifestyle changes to become a “clean” home. From chemical-free cleaning products to cutting out a huge chunk of plastic usage (my husband still begs me weekly to bring back the Ziplock bags), we’ve really made an effort to treat our bodies and planet better. That being said…there are two things I’ve held tightly: my coffee creamer and my harsh skincare. We’ll address the coffee creamer some other time…but I’m thrilled to have found a clean skincare regimen that actually works! Here’s the low down:

Knours. is a clean beauty brand that addresses the daily changing needs of a woman’s skin associated with hormonal fluctuations- something I struggle with monthly. Yes, an actual clean skincare line that holds your hand through all the pain-in-the-butt stages of your period. It’s amazing.

You can browse their site to find products that address your current needs, but here’s my recommendation- try the The Starter Kit. From The Starter Kit you can graduate into full size product and add on more amazing products like The Period Bliss Set and their wonderful sheet masks. The Starter Kit is $28 and includes 7 TSA approved minis of their products- but it lasted me a surprisingly long time! Here’s what’s inside:

Photo Credit: Anthropologie

Your Only Cleanser

This 2-in-1 cleanser is unique oil-to-foam blend that double cleanses your face without stripping away essential oils and moisture. It starts off as a nourishing oil to dissolve your makeup & pull out pore-clogging grime then transforms into a bubbly cleansing foam to wash away all that is left behind. 

Skin Meditation Gel Cream

This lightweight gel moisturizer provides soothing hydration to your skin when it’s sensitive or breaking out in hormonal acne. Peppermint Essential oil works to cool and restore temperamental skin. That’s not all, quick absorption and non-greasy finish is perfect under makeup. 

One Perfect Cream

Your skin may feel dry, dull and tired during the week of your period or during menopause due to lowered estrogen level. One Perfect Cream is multitasking at its best. Age-defying, brightening, nourishing and moisturizing benefits helps fight visible signs of aging while balancing your hormones to help your skin glow every day.

Double Duty Mist

Your hormones fluctuate constantly and your skin also fluctuates through cycles of dry patches, redness, or oily skin. Naturally split into two layers, Double Duty Mist transforms to serves different needs of your skin. Refreshing bottom layer contains aloe vera water to clarify & soothe your skin while the oil-rich top layer featuring jojoba oil and botanical extracts nourish & moisturize your skin. 

(no-rinse) In-bed Cleansing Wipes

Let’s be real — sometimes you slack on skincare. Maybe you’re in a rush. Maybe you need to refresh post-workout. Maybe you’re traveling. Maybe you’re having a next-level lazy day. (Hey, no judgment. You do you.) These cleansing wipes are for when convenience is key. Remove makeup, cleanse, and tone all at once. No rinsing required. They’re soothing & non-irritating on sensitive or acne-prone skin. No dry/tight feeling, either — just awesomely clean, comfy, and refreshed.

I think you’ll be really happy with this line! I’ve tried a ton of clean skincare and this is the first time I didn’t go back to my harsh default. If you try it, let me know!

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