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Keep It Simple, Safe, & Unscented with CreekBaby

I am super sensitive to scents, I always have been. I’ll find a lotion that I love, and 30 minutes into wearing it, I’ll end up with a bad headache. It’s such a bum out!

I’ve bought a ton of “unscented” products that aren’t unscented at all. They have this weird smell that just doesn’t feel clean. Have you guys experienced that?

I’m so excited about finding, CreekBaby! Don’t let the name fool you- CreekBaby is a line of organic skincare crafted for men and women…and safe for little ones to use as well! What makes CreekBaby stand apart from the rest is the fact that the products are actually unscented and perfect for sensitive skin (and sensitive noses!). If you are craving a little smell, essential oils can be added- which is amazing! I love using lavender, peppermint and citrus. They have everything from acne products to hydrating lotion to face powder. Here are some of my favorite products:

Coco-Olive Facial Crème

The all-in-one must-have beauty item, Coco-Olive Facial Crème is completely unscented and feels great on your skin. Using high quality, physically refined USDA organic coconut oil processed “the old way”, versus most unscented coconut oils which are processed the modern way by chemical extraction, there are tons of different uses and benefits for your skin.

Coconut Body Crème

Made with 100% pure, organic coconut oil, Coconut Body Crème is perfectly packaged for personal use or a special gift! Ideal for new moms for nursing cream and diaper rash, it also benefits men, women, and children.

Sea-Salt Spray

Searching for an unscented toner for your acne prone skin? This Sea-Salt Spray is made from pure, fresh spring water gathered directly from an overflowing spring deep in the Ozark mountains! With the Sea-Salt coming from a specific place in Israel full of raw nutrients, Sea-Salt Spray offers a wide array of used and benefits.

Arawak Face Powder

An organic non-mica, Titanium Dioxide FREE loose face powder, Arawak feels light and natural on your skin! Naming the new, tinted face powder in honor of the Arawak tribe, they used arrowroot powder – the base ingredient in this product – to heal wounds from poisoned arrowheads. Blending with almost any skin tone and a powerful acne treatment, you can use it over foundation, or even skip it altogether and just use a thin layer of this powder over some Coco-Oliver Facial Crème!

Trust me, you’re going to love keeping your sensitive skin feeling smooth with these all-natural, affordable products from CreekBaby!

Ps. These products are available online at as well as select Whole Food Market stores!



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