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Dinosaur First Birthday Inspiration Board

I can’t believe my baby is turning one! I honestly feel like we just brought him home from the hospital. This has been the quickest, most amazing year of our lives- and it’s time to plan a birthday party! I’m going to be completely honest: before I was a mom I would go to first birthday parties and think, “Who would do all of this for a baby? They’re not even going to remember this”. I’m sorry for anyone I judged, now I get it. We’re not only celebrating the most special human in our lives, we’re also celebrating the fact that we freaking survived. We kept this little human alive for an entire year and have somehow managed to exist on zero sleep and frozen food- we all deserve a party!

Max isn’t quite old enough to have solid interests (besides trying to get to the dog food), but he loves a book we read together called, Dinosaurumpus! If you have a little one, I highly recommend this book. It’s SO fun to read.


This book inspired the theme for his first birthday party- DINOSAURS! Here’s a very thrown together inspiration board of my initial ideas.PicMonkey Collage

The invite is my color inspiration: green, red, black and white. I know the Adidas dino sneaks might be a little excessive, but COME ON! How cute are they? I’m going to DIY as much as possible so I can justify the price of those little suckers. I’m also going to do a time capsule for Max that fits with the theme (not revealing the details of that for a little longer).

I love the idea of the dirt cups instead of cake for the kiddos, but I’m also loving the cake…so I need to decide. For those of you who frequent kids birthdays or have thrown some yourself- any ideas you’ve seen and loved? Any good food ideas for kiddos ranging from 1-6? Any brilliant dinosaur ideas? Drop your knowledge in the comments section.

Can’t wait to share more as the party takes shape!


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