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DIY Cork Board

I’ve been jonesing for a a big cork board to hang over my desk. I looked and looked for the perfect size, and considered everything from using cork tiles, to dropping over a hundred bucks for a nice big one (that was short lived). I was looking through our master bathroom (our current catch-all space is the mustard yellow hot tub that came with our house and we’re too scared to use) and I found an old picture from our NYC apartment.


I knew that this print was never going to work in our new house, but I was hoping we could use the frame someday. At 40”x 28”, it was a little smaller than what I had in mind- but I thought I would give it a whirl, and see if I could turn this old frame into an awesome cork board. Not only is the frame great quality, it also happens to be the same color as our new bed!

I bought a roll of cork from Michael’s for $11.99 (that was literally the cost of this entire project) and got started! Here’s what I did:


Unroll the cork and set it under books until it’s flat (I’d do it overnight). I DID NOT do this step and it made it extremely difficult for me to glue. Do as I say, not as I do.

Next, lay the backing of the frame on top of the cork and trim excess.

Roll Out

Cutting Cork

I didn’t get any pictures of the next step because I was bracing one end of the cork with my knee and holding on to the other with all my might. The good news is- the explanation is very simple.

Use liquid nail to trace the edges of your frame backing and then run some through the middle. Start at the end, lining up your cork corners with your backing corners, and lay your cork board across the liquid nail. Slide your hand across the cork to work out any bubbles.

Lay something heavy on top of the cork while the liquid nail dries and then lay it into your frame.

Even once my cork was inside of the frame, I set books on top of it again to make sure it dried nice and flat.

books 2

Currently I’m reading about dogs, babies, social networking and self help because I’m well rounded!

The finished product looks pretty darn good! It still needs to be hung, but I’m holding off to decide if I want to paint a design on the cork…


Here is some cork board inspiration I’m thinking about playing with…


Fun diamond pattern


Love the nailhead!


Bottom embellishment



I want to add one little tip- especially if you have a frame so big that you need to piece together multiple rolls of cork to make it fit. After you glue the cork to the backing, you can wrap the board in the fabric of your choice and use a staple gun to attach it nice and tight. Slide it into the frame and you’ll have a beautiful cork board that will coordinate with your favorite space!

Have fun!

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