How To Remove a Red Wine Stain

I don’t blame you for crying over spilled wine, but there’s no need to shed a tear over the stain! I love a glass of La Crema’s Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir after a long day of work, a good red is also great in tons of recipes- but it never fails that I splash a little on my shirt or linens.  Over the years I’ve found some fool proof methods for getting rid of those pesky stains, and I’m going to share them with you right now!


Night Out Pre-Treats:

If you’re not home when you spill wine on your clothing, chances are you want to keep whatever you’re wearing on. That’s not always the case…but let’s assume the wine mishap happened on your first glass. There’s really not a ton you can do to completely remove the stain at this point, but let’s talk about 4 things you can do to make removal easier at home. Before you use any of these, blot the wine out of the garment. Don’t scrub, just gently soak up the liquid.

Soda Water-

Pour some soda water onto the stain and blot again to remove excess liquid. This should remove a good amount, but you’ll still have work to do when you get home.


White Wine-

I’m not a huge fan of wasting more wine- but this method really does work. White wine neutralizes red wine and makes it easier to lift off your clothing. Pour white wine over the stained area and very gently blot the liquid with a napkin or towel.



This is weird but true. Salt won’t get the stain out, but it will keep the wine from setting until you get home. If you’re going to be out for a long time, I would recommend using one of the other methods.


Tide To-Go Pen-

These are awesome to carry in your purse. Use according to directions and then throw your garment in the wash as soon as you get home. There are other brands that carry similar products, but I find that Tide works the best.


At Home Tips and Tricks:

Once you’re home you’re good to go. Hopefully you’ve laid the ground work to get this bad boy out. For both of these methods look at the stain once it’s out of the washer; if the stain is still visible do not dry! Repeat the process and wash again.

DIY Stain Remover-

This stuff is awesome. I found the recipe on Pinterest last year and it’s saved me many times.

1 tsp Dawn Dishwashing Detergent

3-4 tablespoons Hydrogen Peroxide

Couple teaspoons of baking soda

Don’t worry about exact measurements, you know how to eyeball it! Mix all the ingredients together and apply to both sides of the stained garment. Let it sit for 30mins-1hr and throw in the washer.


Wine Away-

This product has been tested and recommended by the Good Housekeeping and is endorsed by Gourmet magazine. If you love wine, it’s a must have! They even make a travel size, purse size and emergency kit (you can add those to your pre-treat arsenal)! You don’t have to do much- just spray on stain, let it sit for a couple minutes and throw in the wash (if it didn’t come out from the spray alone).


See, those aren’t that hard! There are plenty of wine removal methods you can pull off in a pinch; just be proactive and don’t let it sit too long! To check out more wine tips and recipes, check out the La Crema blog!

Now that we’ve covered how to get rid of wine, why not try making some? La Crema is making the world’s first crowd-sourced Pinot Noir. It’s a fun way to learn about wine and the best part is you’ll have first dibs on buying it when its released. Check it out!

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