DIY Painted Vases

It seems that with every celebration comes another obligatory flower delivery. The cupboard under my sink is filled with vases, inside of vases, inside of…more vases. The irony is, when I’m hosting a special event, none of the hundred available options will do- so naturally I go out and buy (wait for it) more vases. The other day I was working hard/browsing Pinterest and stumbled upon painted vases. What a wonderful way to repurpose your not-so-pretty selection and make it holiday/occasion specific! I decided to do a set for Spring, and before I knew it my vases went from this…

Painted Vases

…to this!

Painted Vases

Here’s what you need:

Glass Enamel Paint (I used Transform Mason)

Twine or string

Embellishments (I used decorative keys from Michael’s)

Vases, mason jars or bottles

Painted Vases

Painted Vases

Here’s how you do it:

Squeeze paint into the inside of the vase, aiming as close to the top lip as possible. Let paint drip to the bottom of the vase. Slowly swirl paint around, making sure every part of the inside surface is covered.

Painted Vases

I found that the bottles/vases with a skinnier neck worked a lot better than the wider neck. With the skinnier neck you’re able to turn the bottle almost upside down to get every surface. You can see what I’m talking about if you compare the blue bottle above, to the yellow one below.

Painted Vases

After you’ve swirled all of your bottles, place them upside down on a piece of cardboard to let all of the excess paint drip out (about 20 mins). Once you’ve done that, clean up the rim and finish drying upright. I suggest you do this overnight. When the bottles are dry, they should look like this:

Painted Vases

For the next step I urge you to use items you already have (after all, this is about making old new again-right?) I went out to the shed and found a spool of string. You can use rope, rafia, ribbon…whatever your sweet little spring-hostess-heart desires. I tied a knot at the top of the bottle and started wrapping until I was satisfied with the look.

green tie

When I thought I only wanted to go around one more time, I strung the rope through my decorative key and then loosely knotted the string on the other side.



Repeat the same steps for all of your vases and fill with your favorite Spring flowers! The Transform Mason paint claims to be “dishwasher top rack and microwave safe”, so it’s totally fine to put water and flowers directly into the vase. I will update if I see any long term issues…but so far, so good!


I really loved taking old vases and making them special. I’m ready for it to be Valentine’s Day again so I can do a handful in shades of pink and red. Would you try this fun DIY? What would you use to embellish the outside?

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