Photo Transfer to Wood (Video)

This year I wanted to create something really unique for Father’s Day. My dad and grandpa have everything they need at this point, so I thought the best gift would be something homemade that came from the heart. My brother probably could have used a gift card, BUT TOO BAD! I loved the idea of giving them photo transfers on wood, because it’s a super thoughtful gift that’s also pretty masculine. I’d never done wood transfer before, so I tried two different techniques that gave me completely different results. Here are the directions and results for both methods:

Supply List:

Photo printed on normal copy paper

Piece of wood

X-acto knife

A foam or bristled brush

Regular Gel (Matte)

Mod Podge

Washcloth (for the overnight method only)

The Overnight/ Water Method:

This is the first technique I tried. It’s pretty time consuming, but only because of the dry time (overnight). I made a video tutorial instead of posting pics, because there’s definitely an art to it. Check it out, and please subscribe to my channel while you’re at it!

The overnight method turned out like this…

It’s not that I didn’t like the weathered look- I think it’s beautiful- but I was imagining my grandpa pulling out his reading glasses to figure out what the heck was printed on the block of wood I just handed him. So I decided to try method number two!

The Five Minute Photo Transfer:

This technique is something we all need up our sleeves! Keep a couple pieces of wood in your home at all times and look like a CHAMP when you need a thoughtful gift in a pinch. Your end result is going to look like this…


clear and clean, like you printed your photos right onto the wood!

Here’s how you do it:


Cut photo to fit the wood.


Coat the wood with Regular Gel.


Set photo face up onto wood.


Coat with Mod Podge. Let dry.

If you’d like you can distress the photo a bit by scraping the paper around the outside edge. I did that in the photo of my grandpa, brother and me (above).


And finally, hide Pomeranian wood art in a friend’s purse with no explanation or note.

Which end result do you like better? Are you going to try this at home? Hit me with comments and questions below!


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