Easter Hostess Gift: Yes to Carrots!

There are many theories on why the best ideas happen in the shower: interruptions are rare, it opens up the pores (and by extension, maybe the mind) and if you shampoo, you’re massaging your head. That’s gotta be good! For me it was simply the big orange carrots on my shampoo bottle. I was squeezing my Yes To Carrots Scalp Relief Regimen into my hand, and it dawned on me that it would make the perfect Easter gift! This pot-of-goodness is the perfect present for any-bunny special!

Yes To Carrots

Here’s What You’ll Need:

-Terracotta pot

-Spray adhesive

-Painters tape

-Gold leaf

-A cheap paint brush

-Easter grass

-Carrot seeds

-Orange washcloth

Yes To Carrots products

The first thing I wanted to do is spruce up my dollar store pot a little. You can easily buy a cute pot and leave it as is, but I was feeling sassy (as I often do).

Tape off the pot wherever you don’t want gold. I actually think the more imperfect the gold is, the better the pot turns out.


Next spray the exposed pot with adhesive spray and quickly set gold leaf on top of sprayed areas. Did I panic and use more than I needed? YES I DID! Do I regret it? NEVER!


The next step is hard, but crucial. You need to walk away for at least 20 minutes and let this guy dry. If you start brushing now you’ll have a gluey disaster. Just ask the first pot I tried.

Next you want to take a cheapy brush and lightly brush off the extra leaf. I actually used a makeup brush from a set I never use. Use what you have.


Once you’ve brushed, remove the painters tape. I took a picture of the side of the pot with imperfections, because I think that’s what makes it look so cool. This is a pot that will get more awesome with age, sun and rain. I love it!


Next bring the pot inside and stuff it with all of your goodies! Grab your orange washcloth and set some of your grass inside….


…then roll it up to create the key-utest carrot!!!


Put that little sucker into the pot with everything else, and squeeze in your little packet of carrot seeds.




Need a card to finish it all off? Get a free “Some Bunny Loves You” card here! Would you give this to someone special in your life? Let me know in the comments below. Happy Easter!

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