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Flea Market Table Make-Over

I’m embarrassed to tell you how long we’ve had this unfinished flea market find, but let’s just say- it’s been hanging out at our house for a while.

We found this gem at the Long Beach Antique Market, and thought it had the potential to make a cute end-table in our living room. I fell in love with the shape and the beautiful iron legs.

When we bought the table we thought it was solid wood (after all, we were buying it at an ANTIQUE market), but after a good sand we realized that under that top layer of wood, there were scattered pieces of laminate. Finding the laminate pretty much ruined our plans of lightly sanding and refinishing the piece- so we gave Mr. Table the middle finger and made him sit in shame for….a long time.

This weekend I decided that enough was enough. I abandoned our original plan to sand and re-stain it, and painted it with a clean white instead. Here’s how I did it:

When you’re painting over laminate the right primer is key! You need a primer designed to adhere to glossy surfaces. I used the oil based Zinsser and was very happy with the results. It basically sticks like glue to anything and dried fairly fast. I know that oil based paint is a huge pain to clean out of brushes and rollers, so I just bought a super cheap brush and threw it away when I was done.

I applied 2 coats of primer before moving on to paint, giving each coat an hour to dry. Waiting for paint to dry is my weakness, so please give me a round of applause for actually waiting! Once the primer was dry, I gave the table a quick sand to remove a couple paint drips and (ahem) bugs that were hanging out.

Next I was ready to paint! I used an interior eggshell in ultra pure white, but you could go glossier if you’d like. We’re planning on adding a piece of glass, so I was happy with this finish.


2 quick coats and our sad flea market find was bright and white!

table side

top 3

 top 2

All that’s left is getting a custom cut piece of glass for the top and we’re done. I ‘m so excited with how it turned out, and even more excited I know how to paint over laminate now (we have a lot of laminate surfaces going on in our fixer upper)! What projects do you have sitting on the side lines?

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