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Fun Quarantine Activities For Toddlers

I can’t believe we’ve been living quarantine life for 4 weeks now! Here’s a list of activities and products that have made our days easier! I decided to leave out a ton of pictures so you weren’t scrolling for days, but if you have any questions, please let me know!

  • Mud Kitchen- We have THIS ONE, but you can pull any small table outside and create your own. My kids love making mud pies, leaf soup- all of the messy things! Honestly, all your kids need are some bowls, spoons, water + the outdoors.
  • Mosaic Rainbows- We loved THIS IDEA from The Cinnamon Mom
  • Rainy Walks + Puddle Jumping- It has rained so much in these last 4 weeks, here in California. I have embraced all the laundry and let the kids play outside rain or shine.
  • Build A Zoo- We have a set of animal figurines and I challenge the kids to use magnet tiles or Duplos to build them a zoo!
  • Painters Tape Everything- Painters tape is LIFE! We use it to create jumping challenges, race tracks for our cars, hopscotch and beyond! It works on hardwood, tile and carpet!
  • Treasures In Ice- This is the easiest activity and my kids love it! In the evening I freeze some of the kids little toys in ice, and then let them use little hammers to break them out the next day. Once the tray is empty, I let them fill it up with their own treasures and we refreeze.
  • English Muffin Pizzas- I let the kids cover english muffins with sauce, sprinkle with cheese + toppings and we put it in the oven for lunch. I’ve honestly enjoyed including them in all of the cooking.
  • Water Beads- I guarantee these amazing sensory beads will allow you the opportunity to sit for a good amount of time. My kids scoop and play with them for hours. We do them outside, and yes, sometimes they make a mess but: WORTH IT.
  • Dry Beans Scooping- This is another option along the lines of water beads. Kids just love to scoop and play, and beans are also great! They’re a little hard to get your hands on right now- but normally you can find large bags at places like The Dollar Store.
  • Imaginative Play, Pack A Suitcase- My kids both have rolling suitcases, and they love packing them up and going “on trips”. If you have any small suitcases, pull them out and see what yours do!
  • “Circus Show”- My kids are both reallllllyyyyy physical and always want me to be physical with them. Sometimes when mommy just needs to rest, I tell them to do a circus show for me, and I’m the audience.
  • Wood Workers Kit- My mom subscribed my son to the Young Woodworkers kit and he loves it! You can find out more HERE. He gets monthly kits and we’ve really enjoyed doing them!
  • Glow Stick Party- My angel friend dropped off some glow sticks on our porch last week and I was shocked by how much milage we got out of them! We played with them in the kids dark room for over an hour, and then had a “disco bath”, So much fun!
  • Little Passports- This is another subscription service my parents got for the kids and I’m SO impressed. I was skeptical for their ages, but both of them really enjoy the monthly activities, many of which are reusable. You can shop kits by age range HERE.
  • So Many Baths- The best parenting advice I ever got was “just add water”. When the kids are struggling, any water activity seems to get them back on track- so there have been many afternoon baths!
  • Sharing Time- Every once in a while I’ll ask the kids to go grab one of their favorite things to share. They run to their rooms and we all sit down and talk about their item and what it does/why they like it. They get the most random stuff (Really? Your toothbrush?) but it’s so fun.
  • Nature Scavenger Hunt- Anyone else have kids that battle walks? I don’t blame them honestly, but I’ve been trying to make walks more fun. One way is to draw pictures of things for them to find along the way.
  • Color Scavenger Hunt- I put scribbles of all different colors on a sheet of paper, and they run around the house finding objects that match.
  • Go Noodle & Cosmic Yoga- We love these Youtube channels to get our bodies moving! Go Noodle is upbeat and high energy (think indoor recess + dance party + fun costumes) and Cosmic Yoga is slower kids movement paired with storytelling.
  • Mommy’s Spa- This could be me painting their nails or *gasp* letting them paint mine. It’s also a sneaky way for me to get my daughters hair brushed.
  • Toilet Paper Roll Painting- We’re stamping with anything these days: toilet paper rolls, sponges, Q-Tips etc. Cut up containers and paper rolls and use to stamp paint.
  • Reusable Stickers- These are so great! We put them in the windows or on the sheets they come with. Our friend sent us a couple of THESE and we love them.
  • Pet Grooming- We have real dogs (God bless their patience), but you can also have your kids “groom” their toy animals.
  • Gardening- Check with your local nurseries! Our does delivery of any of their available plants, and we were able to get our raised beds ready for Spring. It was an absolute BLESSING for my mental health, and the kids love helping!
  • Sidewalk Chalk- Good old sidewalk chalk never disappoints. It’s also great for writing uplifting messages or “I miss you” on friend’s sidewalks/driveways.
  • Frozen Worksheets- I’ve been loving all of the free educational worksheets online! These Frozen ones were a Pinterest find, and both my kids loved them.
  • Outdoor Animal Hunt- Out of everything I’ve done, this was the biggest hit. I hid animal figurines all over the backyard (I knew how many there were) and I would let the kids run around and find them. Then they would hide them. We must have done this for an hour and a half! Killed a lot of time because we’d all forget where we hid them, haha! I think I had something like 25.
  • Nightly Placemats- The silliest thing, but every night I ask the kids to make placemats for us using construction paper. My son gets so into it! If they’re engaged in something around that time, I’ll make them for everyone. It will be a drawing of a robot, or a basketball or mermaid- something simple that I know each kid will love. It’s been so sweet and I never want to stop doing it.
  • YouTube Art Tutorials- I wasn’t sure if my kids could keep up with art tutorials (they’re 3 & 5), but they love them! We’ve been watching Art For Kids Hub! It’s the best!
  • Steam Kit Boats- Love, love these boat building sets I found at Lakeshore! You can build and paint your own foam boats!
  • Sensory Sand Ice Cream Set- Kinetic Sand is another favorite around here. I really like this ice cream set I purchased to use with the sand. We also use it for play dough.
  • Movie Theater- My friend posted this idea, and it was THE BEST! I made movie, popcorn and snack tickets for the kids and we screened Disneys Onward. I made them snack boxes out of cereal boxes (using this post) and they were in HEAVEN!

I hope these ideas helped! I plan to pop on weekly and share more that’s been working. Hang in there, friends.

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