Games I Love For Kids Under 3

I absolutely love playing board games as a family! It’s great quality time, they require zero technology and they cover so many great early-learning skills: colors, math, logic, hand-eye coordination- the list goes on!

What we struggle with, is finding games that are appropriate for both my 4 year old, who is very focused, and my 2 1/2 year old, who has trouble waiting her turn and not touching other players pieces/wearing the game board like a hat (understandable at her age).

I’m so excited, because recently I found 2 games that are amazing for the entire family. We ALL have lots of fun playing them and my littlest is fully engaged the entire game.

The first one is called Seek-A-Boo! This is a fun, active game that helps young children learn the names of colors, shapes, animals, foods, and more while finding each match.

It includes 36 large, round “Seek Me” photo cards to scatter face down around the room, and 36 matching “Find Me” cards for a parent or teacher to call out.

The game is great for multiple players or just 1-on-1 with your child, and is appropriate for ages 18 months +. The box says ages 18 to 36 months- but my 4 year old really enjoys it. To make it harder, we’ll do speed rounds where we see how many matches he can find before the timer goes off, and he thinks it’s hilarious.

The second game is equally as awesome- it’s called ThinkFun Roll and Play.

Roll and Play is made with a plush cube, and comes with 48 game cards which provide endless learning opportunities and lots of fun. It also includes a storage pocket for cards, which I love- because if you have a toddler you know what becomes of game boxes….

Roll and Play encourages creativity, active play and gross motor skills, and provides a chance for all players to shine. Different cards may ask you to spot a certain color in the room, do something active or make a silly face or an animal noise- lots of opportunities to show brains and personality.

I’ve been really excited to share these games, and I hope your family and friends enjoy them! What games do you like playing with your little ones?

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