Get Fit On-The-Go: Health Tips from Lauren Kitt-Carter

Iconic pop heartthrob Nick Carter is returning to TV this September with his new wife, fitness pro Lauren Kitt-Carter. The new VH1 reality series, ♥ Nick Carter, documents the quirky life of this globe-trotting couple as they prepare to say “I Do.” From dual bachelor/bachelorette parties in Vegas to serious life-changing decisions, the new show will give viewers a rare look inside the daily life of Nick and Lauren as they juggle wedding plans and very demanding careers – which, of course, doesn’t stop these two from having plenty of laughs along the way.

"I <3 Nick Carter"


With Lauren expanding her fitness career into a prominent brand I thought it would be fun to ask her about her on-the-go workout tips. Lauren constantly travels the world for months at a time with hubby Nick and doesn’t always have access to a hotel gym. Lauren has created easy ways to stay in shape while on the go – and she makes sure Nick keeps up with her too! Here’s what she had to say:


Q: You travel frequently throughout the year with your new husband Nick Carter (congrats!), and a lot of times you are on a tour bus without access to a gym or equipment. What are some exercises you can share for keeping fit even with limited resources?

LKC: Thank you for the congrats! When traveling I always take my jump rope and interval timer with me. I jump rope for cardio or run stairs, either at the hotel or at the concert venue while on tour. Burpees, lunges and jump squats are my go-to moves anywhere and do not require equipment. Try doing 8 rounds of these moves for 20 seconds with a 10 second break between intervals.

Q: How do you keep up with your healthy eating habits while on the road and McDonalds are everywhere? Do you ever breakdown and binge on fast food?

LKC: I NEVER eat McDonalds! I don’t eat fast food at all. I search for local health markets wherever we are and restock our bus or hotel refrigeator with our favorite foods. If there aren’t any options I’ll grab non processed raw foods like fruits and vegetables and maybe a baked chicken breast. I’m known to travel with copious amounts of healthy food in my carry on.

Q: When you do have access to a hotel gym, what are some of the best exercises for the best workout in the least amount of time?

LKC: Rowing machine for cardio or treadmill HIIT (high intensity interval training). For example, if I only have 30 minutes to work out I’ll do sprints between my sets with no breaks and 3 sets of each work out. Try 15 squats with weight, 30 forward lunges, 30 calve raises with dumb bells, 50 abs of your choice, all with a 30 second sprint between sets.

Q: Does Nick keep up with your fitness ways?

LKC: He does! He’s very good at cardio, which I loathe, so he motivates me in that way. I push him to lift weights, which he doesn’t like very much, so we help each other.

Q: Your new reality series with hubby Nick, I ♥ Nick Carter, premieres this September on VH1. What can you tell us about the new show and what can we expect?

LKC: We actually haven’t seen any of the footage that we’ve shot yet so it’s going to be all new for us when we do. Having said that, I think people are going to see a genuinely loving, happy couple overcoming life’s obstacles and growing together as people – one just happens to be a pop star and the other a girl next door. We meet somewhere in the middle of a comedic sitcom that a lot of people can relate to.

Q: Any other advice/tips/tricks for readers on keeping fit and healthy while traveling?

LKC: Stay consistent. Drink lots of water and make time for your workouts. If you have to eat out, opt for healthy choices like baked chicken or fish, sweet potatoes, fresh vegetables and limit your alcohol intake to once a week with a cheat meal. (Red wine)

A huge thank you to Lauren for all of the tips. I ♥ Nick Carter premieres September 10th at 10/9c on VH1!


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