Nursery Progress & Inspiration

Wow, it’s been a crazy ride since we started this room last year….


I haven’t been shy about sharing that our journey to baby was a little rockier than most; so I admit- I put an air mattress in the center of this room for quite a while and decided not to deal with it. The good news is, when we were blessed with this pregnancy, there was a beautiful untouched room just waiting to become a nursery.

You can see all the work we’ve already put in here and here.

First things first- let’s just reveal this sweet little dude’s name! So much of the decor is inspired by his name that it would be impossible not to share. Josh and I have decided on Maxwell, which I know will almost instantly become Max (that’s ok…Maxwell can be reserved for mommy), and his middle name will be Hartley, which is my husband’s middle name and his grandfather’s first name. So now we can stop calling him “the little dude” and transition to Baby Max!

Now here’s a hint for his room inspiration…


If you guessed “Where The Wild Things Are”, you guessed right! I ordered this custom chalkboard from BeauTiedAffair on Etsy and I LOVE it! The little boy in the book is named Max and the story is so sweet- I thought it would be the perfect match.

Now let me show you the 2 pieces of furniture we already have before I share my inspiration board for the rest of the room.


After obsessing over cribs for MONTHS, I ended up getting the very first crib I saw at Land of Nod. It’s really hard shopping for a crib because the price range is all over the place; but ultimately we decided to go with something that would transition to a toddler bed and/or was good enough quality to go to a second baby. I got so lucky and was invited to a pre-black friday friends and family event at the store- so in addition to the 15% off, I also got free shipping. I love the storage underneath; that’s something I didn’t find on many other cribs.


The dresser/changing table is another transitional piece. The changing table top can be removed and the dresser can be a part of Max’s big boy room. This is also from Land of Nod. The top is centered in the picture because we haven’t attached it yet, but we’ll be sliding it to the left to allow for some dresser-top space.

Here’s a peek around the space to refresh your memory-

From the door looking in.




And a picture of big mama! Am I really going to get bigger?!

Here’s a picture of the chalkboard propped against the wall. It will be hung above the crib.


I have to admit, I hate “themes”. I get so in my head if I decide that everything has to fit into the same box, so I prefer to go with a vibe. So instead of referring to his room as “Where The Wild Things Are”, I like to think of it as just a “Wild Thing” room-anything wild and fun! Here are some items I’m loving:


1. Black and White Striped Teepee

2. We Are All Wild Things Pillow

3. Mountains Pillow

4. DIY Feathers Hanging

5. Outdoorsy Pouf

6. Ikea Cubbies 

7. Arrow Curtain Rods

8. Stump Side Table

9. Wild Animal Bookends 

10. Trough style book shelves

11. Max Print

12. Faux Sheep Skin Rug

These are all just ideas at this point (besides the Max print and cubbies which I’ve already purchased). Usually I share all the step-by-steps in my house, but no more peeksies until this room is ready for a full reveal! The goal is to have it totally done in the next 2 weeks (before the shower gifts pile in).

I’d love to know: Are there any nursery items you couldn’t live without? What was the theme of your nursery?

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