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Kitchen Remodel Reveal

It’s been almost 2 months since we wrapped our home renovation, but I’ve been pretty quiet over here. When I started sharing our demo and plans, I thought I’d be chomping at the bit to share after photos…but as we made our way through the final weeks of the 4 month process, I realized what I really wanted, was to not think about anything construction related (even beautiful after photos) for a while….a long while.

The end result is everything we wanted. I’m so happy with the look, feel and functionality- even though it’s not even decorated yet! It’s so comfortable and very family friendly! Here are some before and afters.

This was the narrow doorway that used to lead to the kitchen. It was actually an unusable pocket door that the previous owner had blocked with high tiling.

We completely opened up the doorway, so you step right into this space when you open the door. I didn’t know if I was going to like this, but I think it actually made a bigger impact than the complete wall removal on the other side.

My husband gets all the kuddos for a vision with these two uneven windows and an unmovable beam. The window on the left became our coffee bar, with the beam built into the (usable) cabinets- and the right window was closed and became the pantry you can see in the wide shot directly above.

My big goal for this space is to create something beautiful to look at out this window. Currently it’s where our trash cans land, and that’s not gonna fly for the focal point of the kitchen.

This is the wall before it was removed. You’ll notice we went with a microwave range hood on the other side, because this removal kind of gave us no other choice. I was so strongly against the microwave (literally the only big fight we had during this entire process), BUT with this wall and the entrance wall removed, we had to get creative with our layout. I really hate to admit it- but we made the right choice. The kitchen is really comfortable to cook in and super functional. Ughhhh…my husband was right.

You’ll notice in these pics we’re missing all lighting on the dining room side. I told the electrician to cap the spots for pendants and to put a bulb above our table, because quite frankly, I didn’t want to make one more decision! Haha. Now I’m super inspired to get in and start making all the decorative choices- I’m so glad I gave myself time.

Here’s another angle of where the doorway was opened up. Replacing or repainting the front door is also on our list…but way down on the bottom.

I decided to stick with the white subway tile, despite also going white for cabinetry (except for the island which is a light grey) and I’m so glad I did. I love the brightness of the space, and find that the polished nickel hardware brings such warmth.

At our dining room table while the wall was still up.

All nice and open! See the spots for pendants and my gorgeous light bulb? This space will also get bar stools. I cant decide what shape table I want here, and which style…

Even the little laundry room attached to the kitchen got some love. I adore this flooring even though everyone told me not to get it (white in a high traffic area). We’ve had zero issues, thanks in part to dark grout- and I love the way it pulls in the black light over the window.

We still have a long way to go, but the rest is fun and we can do it at our own pace. This update doesn’t show the two other rooms (living and dining) we did at the same time- but I’ll just keep sharing bits and pieces, as we move forward and add to both spaces. Here are a few more detail shots…

Thanks for checking it out! xo

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