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How To Watercolor Fall Cookies

We all have super-talented friends who can do things we can’t- I’m the person that says, “Teach me!”. To me, life is all about learning from each other and sharing our gifts- and lucky for me, I was able to learn this awesome watercolored cookie technique from my friend Caley.

Caley owns, Sweetly Painted Cookies (@sweetly.painted.cookies on Insta) and was kind enough to come over and give me this awesome lesson. Note that Caley’s hands are doing all the work! First, let’s peep the step by step:

First, the cookies were frosted with royal icing. We’re not going to focus on this part, as it’s a huge lesson on it’s own- but I did ask Caley for her recipe:

“In a mixer combine 2 lbs of powdered sugar, 5 Tbs of meringue powder, 1/3 cup warm water, 1 Tbs flavor of choice (I used lemon extract). Mix until stiff, then add water to make the desired consistency. Let dry overnight before adding details/ watercolor.”

Once your cookies are dry, it’s time to paint them! Caley uses food coloring mixed with vanilla extract. Your food coloring needs to be mixed with something alcohol based to work on top of the royal icing.

Starting with the lightest color (yellow), dab light brush strokes around the cookie, leaving space for the other colors.

Repeat with orange.

When you get to red, you’re going to focus on filling in those gaps (gently).

Next up is painting the stem with a thinner brush and brown food coloring.

Now comes my favorite part! Put some edible metallic gold paint on the tip of the brush, and flick lightly for some dewy magic!

The end product are these beautiful fall leaves- almost too perfect to eat!

Here’s a video of the process! The final step is a little out of focus (I know! I only had one job!), but it’s still a great visual for learning this fun technique.

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