Japan Travel Diary: Omotesando Hills to Harajuku

I’ve been soaking up Japan ever since I arrived 3 days ago- but today was extra fun! I hung out with my beautiful guide, Alex, who took me on a shopping spree from Omotesando Hills to Harajuku.


Our adventure started at a delicious restaurant known for it’s fresh vegetarian fare. One of my favorite things about being in a new place is pointing to random pictures in a menu and saying, “that!”. I’ve never been a picky eater, so I love the experience of not knowing exactly what’s coming to the table. Today, “that!” ended up being this delicious assortment of vegetables in every variation: soup, salad, tempura, pickled, steamed- you name it. There was also sliced sashimi (zero idea what type of fish, but it was amazing).

Japanese Lunch

After lunch we hit tons of shops including: an adorable antique store called Pass The Baton, an explosion of anime called Kiddy Land and a secret shop frequented by celebs like Steven Tyler and Lenny Kravitz called Bedrock. I promise to post pics of all of my favorite purchases at the end of the trip!

A dreamy painting I purchased.

After an hour or so of shopping around we arrived in Harajuku. This is my absolute favorite spot in Japan. I have purchases from my last trip that I’ve worn down to threads! Everything’s colorful and unique, and the people watching is next level. This is a beautiful soul named Junnyan. He’s one of the faces of Harajuku Fashion Walk and has a must-follow instagram. He’s cooler than I’ll ever be, and taught me a new pose that’s like a check mark on your chin. Get with it!


After more shopping, cherry blossom tea and the best cheesecake I’ve ever had (Whole30 be damned!) we headed over to a store Alex has modeled for called h. Naoto. You can shop the line from the US here. You can see Alex standing with one of her shots below. Pretty cool stuff!


h. Naoto is packed with edgy clothing fit for rockstars and vampires. It was like goth, victorian and metal all tied into one. One of the fun things about traveling is, you can try out looks you’d be afraid of pulling off back home. It’s a great time to be adventurous and step out of your normal look. I got super lucky because not only was one of the designers there- but he also offered to answer some questions and pull an outfit for me. Meet IBI: designer of Sixh and a reminder that my Urban Outfitters sandals are #basic.


3 fun facts about IBI:

1. He draws style inspiration from the music he listens to and from people all over the world.

2. If he could dress any American celebrity it would be Johnny Depp.

3. He thinks the must- have fashion piece for the Summer is just a simple dress.

I nervously waited while IBI pulled a look for me. I think I’m a pretty average sized girl in the US, but out here I’m behemoth. I tried on a “one size fits all” the first day I was here, and contemplated running the 15 miles home from the mall. Anyway, he pulled a beautiful black corset top with a smart sleeveless coat-dress to go over it. It was perfect- and for 5 minutes I felt like a rockstar. A rockstar that needed to go on a juice cleanse- but still…


It’s really hard to capture such a beautiful day in such small snap shots. I think this image sums up the magic of the day.


This was taken in a purikura booth. Purikura booths let you take digital pictures with your friends that you can decorate with the touch-screen. The big eyes, drag queen beat-down and stretching happens automatically. You can add frames, stamps and free-hand writing in a variety of colors. It’s so much fun!

A huge thank you to Alex for showing me such a fun day. Traveling reminds me that humor, sisterhood and kindness knows no bounds.

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