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Kitchen Make-Over: Day of the Demo

The time has finally come to kick our yellow kitchen to the curb (there’s a dumpster there and everything)! You never see my kitchen on the site because it’s just THAT BAD! I’m going to show you what we’ve been working with for the last 2 years just in time for you to help us say “buh bye” to it’s awful 70’s style and “hello” to the clean, bright kitchen we’ve been saving for! Here’s what’s getting ripped out (as I type) and a sneak peak of what’s getting put in on monday.


Although I HATE these cabinets, I have to admit they’re actually really great quality. These two mega cabinets will be replaced with 3 equal sized units to break up the large space.


The only thing that’s staying in this picture is the dishwasher. This was the first major purchase Josh and I bought for the house when we moved in. The new refrigerator and stove will match it’s style.


Behold, the Yellow Monster! Yes, this sink is big- but the 3 part separation has cracked so many of our dishes! We’re replacing it with a large barn sink that will be perfect for giving our little one baths when he arrives in March. The one thing I hate about having an old kitchen (and this goes for bathrooms too) is no matter how hard you clean, it always feels dirty! I’ve experienced this for the last 12 years because in NY I always lived in old apartments- I’m so excited to have something NEW!


You’ll notice that the counter ends right before the trash can. We’re adding a row of cabinets and extending the countertop around to a bar. You’ll see what I’m talking about as you scroll down. This is going to add a ton of storage and cooking area for us.


Here’s a pic of the opposite side of the kitchen. It holds some of our greatest treasures- like the gorgeous brown refrigerator and the stove that won’t start without a match. You’ll also notice the beautiful brown vent over the stove (which held glorious surprises when it was removed).


You’ll notice in this pic that the window is new. This was the one thing I didn’t catch pre-construction. Originally there was a larger window there, but because we’re extending the cabinets, we needed a smaller window that would sit above the counter.


Awww, there it is in all of it’s off white glory. I had a ceiling fan like this in my room growing up. I do appreciate the previous homeowners for their creativity, and this fan has come in handy when I’ve burned dinner- but it needs to GO!


When Lowe’s came out to measure our kitchen they literally laughed in our faces over this fridge. I can’t say I blame them. Old Chocolate here will not be missed. The funny thing about this fridge is it doesn’t have an ice maker…but always sounds like it’s making ice. Death’s door, people.


Just a beauty shot of our stove situation…


Can I tell you how much I love the fact that the word “modern” is used on this vent? It will be replaced with a microwave/vent in one. I thought about getting rid of a microwave all together in our new kitchen…but then I remembered popcorn.


This old dude will be replaced with a backless gas range. I think that’s one of the items I’m most excited for.


I’m having a roman shade made for this window over the sink, and we’re hanging a pendant light in the area between the two cabinets. We’re still deciding whether or not we want to take the backsplash up to the ceiling around the window. Thoughts?


Well isn’t this a fine shot of our house. See that little bar area under the contents of our cabinets? Friends like to refer to this as: the kids table, the handicapped bar (absolutely no offense to the handicapped, it’s just built short enough for a wheel chair), the old people desk, etc. This is what will become our new bar and rise up to meet the counter top that will continue into an L shape.


We’re planning on ripping out the ceiling fan and hanging two pendant lights above the bar. All of the kitchen cabinets will be white, but the bar is going to be made from the same wood as our kitchen table. We think that will really separate the two spaces nicely. My dog is always judging me in every photo…


The light in the middle of the ceiling will be replaced with 4 recessed lights. Also, I couldn’t get a great angle because of the mountain of new cabinets behind me, but do you see the space on the left, right before the counter starts? We have 37″ there where a new floor to ceiling pantry is going to land.


Here’s an idea of what the new items going in look like…


White shaker cabinets. Hardware TBD.


Eco recycled glass countertops in Riverbed. We’re going to decide on a backsplash once everything’s in, but I’m a huge fan of  glass subway tile.


Pendant lights with hardware that match our existing chandelier.

I am so, so excited to share the progress over the next couple of days! Electric and appliances come in tomorrow, plumbing on saturday, picking a paint color sunday and then monday the kitchen goes in! The only bum out is that our countertops won’t come in for at least 2 weeks after our cabinets go in- but it’s definitely worth the wait! More updates to come…

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