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Kitchen Progress: Cabinets, Pendants and Shiny Appliances

There’s been a whole lot of progress in our kitchen! Of course we still have a bunch to complete, like:

  • Install counter tops (you can see what we choose here)
  • Pick and install backsplash
  • Add hardware to cabinets
  • Find affordable window treatments or DIY our own (colorful roman shades)
  • Install sink (waiting on countertops)
  • Slide in the oven that’s currently in our living room (waiting for countertops)
  • Buy a long rug for the sink/dishwasher area
  • Purchase bar stools
  • Get all of our kitchen items back in the bottom drawers and cabinets
  • Add the 2 additional pendant lights over the bar (we’re also waiting on the countertop for this so they’re centered correctly)

And of course because we have an open floor plan, this renovation is carrying into the dining room..which carries into the living room. But even with so much to do, we’re leaps and bounds from where we started last week!





Goodbye, awkward little mini bar.



The removal of the cabinets revealed more yellow, and a terrifying amount of grease behind the old range hood- YUCK!


Josh and his awesome friend, Jaime ripped out all of the walls standing in the way of plumbing and electrical repairs. We switched over to copper piping and ran the appropriate line under the floor for our new refrigerator. Then the old electrical was replaced with up-to-code wiring and fixtures. Did I just say “we”? Yeah, that wasn’t accurate.



Once the plumbing was in, Josh patched up all of the walls, added the window moldings, painted, primed…well, basically worked like a dog until 2am to prepare for the cabinet install. We were so lucky to have some amazing friends swing by in the final hours to help.


For wall color we ended up going with Behr Cotton Grey. We’re still not 100% sure if the color is bold enough against the white cabinets, but we don’t want to make any changes until we see it with our countertops and backsplash in. We’ve found that this grey picks up blues and greens depending on time of day- so it might be just fine once it has a backsplash to play off of.


I asked our cabinet installer to get a picture of Josh and I before everything went in. This is the start of so many new beginnings for us and I couldn’t help but feel a little emotional. I can’t wait to give our little boy his first baths in our new kitchen sink. Every update we do to the house is driven by us wanting to have a cozy and clean environment for our growing family. I’m also so grateful for such a hard working husband. He truly busted his booty getting all of this done, and all I could do was watch (and bark orders).

To save you the time of scrolling up and down. Here are some of the most notable before and afters.


Old range hood and microwave on counter.


New range hood/microwave in one.


Big Brown humming away in his last photo.


A new refrigerator with so much more room! Throwing away my ice trays was such a joyous moment.


Weird mini bar with no cabinetry under the old window.


New normal height bar with an additional row of cabinets. Can I add that one of those cabinets has a pull out dog food container! I love it. We decided to make the bar a different color than the cabinets to differentiate the spaces. I was really scared about how it was going to turn out- but I’m so happy we did it.


Old area over the yellow sink with no lighting.


Bright new window space with pendant light.


Lighting before. One single light and a HORRIBLE ceiling fan.


Recessed LED lights installed and ceiling fan removed. There will be 2 pendant lights over the bar, but we can’t put them in until the counters are on.




By the way, the lighting in these pictures isn’t the best because we have no window treatments and the sun likes to reflect off the white cabinets. I’ll make sure to get better shots when this project is a wrap.

We did end up outsourcing the cabinet install through Lowes, but here are some things we did to save money in other areas:

  • our own demo with the help of my amazing brother
  • all of our own drywall, trim, floor repair, patching and painting
  • replaced the window ourselves (we actually looked for a similar sized window at the ReStore with no luck)
  • sold our old (working) appliances on a local community page
  • went with recycled glass instead of granite or marble
  • scored our refrigerator on sale
  • bought pendant lights on Lighting Direct (half the price of the Pottery Barn pendants I wanted!)
  • kept our existing floors
  • hired local plumber and electrician instead of going through Lowes

We’re so happy with the progress so far! We’ll be in a bit of a holding pattern until our countertops come in (about 2 weeks), but that will give us time to get the living/dining room painted and pick out the items from our list at the beginning of this post. I can’t wait to update you again! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, everyone!

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