3 Delicious Brunch Recipes

I know I’m a little behind, but I wanted to share some recipes I used on Mother’s Day. I hosted brunch at my house, which is the first ambitious thing I’ve done since having the baby- and I didn’t get a single picture. Right as my parents walked in, Max started to fuss for his nap, and instead of staying cool, calm and collected- I yelled “JUST EAT!”. My mom even said “Don’t you want pictures?” and I shuffled off in a new-mom panic. I’M SO GOOD AT THIS, YOU GUYS!

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Anyway, it turned out beautiful, and luckily for me (and you!) all the recipes were from other awesome sites, so I have photos to share.

My beautiful mama and me.

I used these same 3 recipes last year for a Xmas brunch and they’re amazing! I put out fresh croissants, an assortment of jam, coffee, juice and fresh fruit, and voila! Here they are:

Texas French Toast Bake from Chew Out Loud

This has been a fan favorite for both brunches. I would suggest hanging on the low end of the cook time, because the bottom does caramelize. The best thing about this french toast is it tastes better the next day! It’s SO good reheated (if you have any left). We throw ours in the microwave for 45 secs, no need to use the oven. I also prepared mine without powdered sugar because I felt it was sweet enough, but that’s up to your preference.

Photo Credit: Chew Out Loud

Breakfast Casserole from Kevin and Amanda

This casserole is great, and definitely more on the decadent side. It’s packed with cheese, ham and a biscuit crust- so it’s very comforting. I was asked for the recipe by a couple friends last time I made it, and they make it as a family dinner.

Photo Credit: Kevin and Amanda

Brunch Casserole from The Bakerette.com

This was hands down the favorite of everyone who attended both brunches! This is an amazing dish to make at the beginning of the work week to use as breakfast every morning. I add mushrooms and spinach, and you can play with the protein (turkey bacon maybe?). I’ve also been thinking of experimenting with sweet potatoes. I promise you, you’ll love this recipe!

Sunday-Brunch-Casserole-5341-1I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day! Share your favorite brunch recipes in the comments below.

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