My Pregnancy Moment of Truth

It’s been almost 8 weeks of life with two little ones, and I feel like my family is finally starting to settle in to our new normal. Our days are wild and crazy: lots of spills, diapers, spit up and toddler chasing- but in the rare quiet moments- I can’t help but reflect on the journey that brought me this beautiful family.

img_6951Most women can remember the first time they found out they were or were not pregnant after taking an at-home pregnancy test, or their #momentoftruth. Whether it was a joyous, heartbreaking or shocking moment, it is one they will never forget. We’ve had our share of both heartbreak and joy on this journey, but I’m truly grateful for every chapter of our story.

In Sammy's future nursery.Max is our little rainbow baby. I got pregnant with him after experiencing two losses. I’ll never forget looking at the e.p.t® pregnancy test, and all of the emotions that rushed through me. Relief that my body was able to get pregnant again, hope and lots of fear. My husband was working out of state and I sent him a picture of the bright pink line. I think my phone rang about 2 seconds later, we were so excited. Anyone who’s ever experienced loss knows that you don’t simply pee on one test…I peed on box after box over the next couple weeks and rejoiced with every line.


Our next positive test was a totally different experience; because our first child took us a while to conceive we thought we’d start trying nice and early so there was no pressure. Second month of trying and a few weeks shy of Max’s first birthday and BAM, pregnant. I just knew I was pregnant the second time around. I saw that the e.p.t® test was positive and thought about all of the fun things I could do to surprise my husband for Valentine’s Day (which was only 3 days away). After 10 minutes of searching Pinterest for fun announcement ideas from the bathroom, I walked out nervous laughing and just handed him the test instead. My poor, sweet husband looked like a deer in the headlights. Good things can happen when you least expect them – 45 percent of women surveyed said their pregnancy was unplanned! I think we’re still nervous laughing everyday with two under two!


I still pinch myself when I look at this sweet family of mine, and I’ll always remember all of my #momentoftruths fondly (which is why I couldn’t bring myself to throw away the tests until about 3 months ago…whoops). How did you find out about your pregnancies, and how did you share the news?!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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