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My Top 7 Travel Essentials

The next couple months are going to be travel galore for me and my husband. Between our work trips and wedding season- it looks like it’s going to be an exciting summer! As most of you know, I just got back from a 9 day trip to Japan, and I thought with the surge of recent trips it would be fun to share my top 7 travel necessities. Here goes!

1.  iPhone Battery Case 

iPhone battery pack

If I’m out and about in a new place, chances are I don’t have access to outlets. Having an iPhone battery case has made my travel 10 times less stressful. I charge my case overnight, click it onto my phone and switch it to the “on” position when I need more juice. I like the Mophie for iPhones, but you can find similar products for any phone model.

2. Baggu Totes

Baggu_AlpacaNeon_EnlargeI am obsessed with these awesome little totes and I use them all the time, not just when I travel. These adorable Baggu totes (which come in every color and design imaginable) fold up into wallet size squares that you can drop in your back pack, purse or suitcase and grab as you need them. You can use them as a beach tote, shopping bag and souvenir collector on your trip- then fill them with your dirty laundry when it’s time to pack-up to come home. I love them! I have the Alpaca print because…was there any other option?

3. Eraclea Skincare 

This skincare line is perfect if you’re traveling with your partner because it’s unisex! One beauty regimen shared by two makes packing easier for summer traveling, saving precious space in those quart-sized bags. Eraclea‘s products like Pure Hydration are excellent for men after a close shave and a day in the sun, but also perfect for us ladies! My husband and I swear by the Daily Bamboo Exfoliant (helps increase skin cell turnover rate and resurfaces the skin), the Pure Hydration that I mentioned before (moisture-intensive serum that replenishes the skin, promotes healing and reduces redness) and the Intensive Repair and Protect Serum (works to protect against cell damage, accelerate cell renewal and improve texture). All of these products are amazing to keep your skin happy, especially after sun and flight!

4. Viber App


Viber is basically a lifesaver if you’re out of the country. I used it the entire time I was in Japan. You can actually make free calls from your phone as long as you can track down some wifi. It’s so nice to be able to connect with friends and family when you’re so far away- and it’s free! I just looked at their website and it appears to be available for every phone device imaginable (unless you’re still rocking a 90’s flip phone).

5. Essential Oils


Lately I’ve been realll deep into essential oils. My girlfriend invited me to a doTerra party and I was hooked at first sniff! Not only do essential oils smell amazing, but they also provide natural solutions to a ton of ailments. I’m not suggesting you travel with a case of essential oils- but there are two that I love to throw in my bag. The first one is lavender: I diffuse lavender in our bedroom nightly, so putting a little behind my ears or rubbing a small amount on my feet before sleep, gives me comfort when I’m away from home. The second is peppermint: I always get a splitting headache when I fly and it’s the kind of headache that tylenol can’t fix. Rubbing a little peppermint oil on my temples or up my neck always does the trick. Peppermint’s also great for an upset stomach, allergies and fatigue- so I love having it with me! I’m just skimming the surface on this topic- but please feel free to ask questions in the comments!

6. Infiniti Scarf


I can’t imagine traveling without my scarf- not matter how warm the destination. Infiniti scarfs are heaven when you’re on a chilly plane, can be knotted as a sarong on the beach and are perfect to pull up over your head in light rain. I couldn’t find the scarf I have from Nordstrom, but this one, from Michael Stars, is similar in weight and size. I love the pink and orange for Summer!

7. Fresh Sugar Lip Polish


I can’t even lie, I get horrible chapped lips. I’m one of those people. I really have to stay on top of it- especially when I’m traveling! This Fresh lip polish buffs away all of the dry skin on my lips, without any irritation. I love to buff my lips the evening after a flight and then cover them with Eucerin before bed. It comes in a palm sized container which is easy to throw in your purse or carry on, and it smells like a warm sugar cookie.

So there are my top 7 travel essentials. What are yours? A favorite sunscreen? A maxi dress you don’t leave home without? Let me know in the comments below.

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