New Year’s Printable

IMG_1312I can’t believe we’re about to ring in a new year. Last year at this time I was patiently waiting to meet my son, and now I’m only a couple months from having a one year old (obvious math, but I can’t get over it!!)

IMG_1394_2This year has brought such immense blessings. It has truly been the greatest year of my life. I know that my big goal moving forward needs to be balance; finding the time to nurture my marriage and friendships while still being the mommy I want to be. Balance means learning to say “no”, but also starting to say “yes” more often. Trusting that the world won’t crumble over a missed nap, prying myself away from that sweet baby smell for much-needed date nights and forgiving myself on days that feel unproductive.

One of my biggest LIFE goals is to be able to do something creative and fulfilling from home; so I can generate an income while taking care of my family. Thank you for helping me achieve that goal by supporting this blog- it means the world to me.

IMG_1317As a big “THANK YOU” and “Happy New Year!”, I had one of my favorite graphic designers, Brittney at B Loves Design, create these printables for you! One is a place to list all of your goals or write a little note to yourself, and the other is an envelope to seal it up and read it in 2017!


Wishing you all a happy, healthy and SAFE New Year.


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