Photo Diary: Ford Trend Conference

I’ve been having a great time in Detroit for the Ford Trend Conference. I’ve had the pleasure of listening to so many wonderful panels and I’ve loved being around such inspiring innovators and fellow bloggers. Here are some snapshots of my time here so far.


We kicked off the conference with the cutest Patron margaritas ever! You better believe I’m going to track down these mini bottles and serve them at a summer party.


A great panel on innovation featuring Kenneth Cole, who happens to be extremely funny. He had a point when he said shoes were the original mode of transportation!


The unveiling of the new Ford Edge. Yellow’s not my color, but I love this car!


A stylish Ford for your littles! Ford also unveiled the F-150 Power Wheels. I need one in pink for my…ummm…niece…


This selfie (double-dualy?) is as blurry as my vision after only 3 hours of sleep. I’ve been on other trips with Juan Carlos (left) and I refer to him as “King Selfie”. Behind me is Channing of Channing in the City and Connie of Momma of Dos.


I was in awe of Jenna Wolfe’s presentation. I’ve seen her on the Today Show, but I never realized what an amazing personal story she has. She told us the one thing she tells her personal training clients (yes, she does that too) is, “Do one thing that scares you every single day- then watch the growth happen”. Love that.


I was thrilled to see that Christoph Gorder of Charity Water was a speaker as well. Charity Water has funded 11,771 water projects in 22 countries that will provide 4.1 million people with clean water. It’s so easy to forget what a precious resource water is, and I’m so grateful I was reminded.


This is a picture taken inside a cold chamber at Ford’s safety testing facility. Brought me back to my days in New York and reminded me why I’ll be just fine in LA. The building was basically room after room of cars being shaken and tossed, then examined for damage. I told them they should have called me when I was 16 and driving a Ford Explorer.


I had to include a picture of this fabulous employee. She was giving me so much Bonnie Raitt realness!


We finished up the night with dinner, a performance by magician, David Kwong and some really fun personality tests like the lip prints above. I honestly did the prints because I thought it was a cute idea, but this woman was spot on with her reading! It was kind of scary. On the list: easily bored, need to learn to say NO, need to delegate and stop doing it all myself, foodie, romantic and detail oriented.

It’s been such a fun day and a half, and I’m so glad I was able to share some fun snapshots with you!







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