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Valentine’s Day Donuts

Those of you who follow me on Instagram know that I made my hubby homemade donuts for his birthday this week. They were so easy and delicious that I wanted to post a version for Valentine’s Day! This is such a fun way to start your sweetheart’s day. No matter which version you decide to make (I’m including the sugar and glazed recipes too), you won’t need more than 4 ingredients and 10 minutes to pull these off.

Here’s the process:


Grab a can of biscuits, vegetable oil and your topping(s) of choice.


Search your kitchen for something that will make the perfect donut holes. I used the top to my Vanilla bottle.


While you’re punching holes get vegetable oil hot in a deep skillet. I set mine at medium heat and let it get hot for about 5 minutes. It will stay on medium for the entire process.


Drop donuts into hot oil and flip once they’re golden brown. This will be one minute TOPS on each side. I like to move them around a little as they cook so oil splashes onto the sides that aren’t submerged.


Using tongs set them on a wired cooling rack. There isn’t a paper towel under mine in this picture, but you’ll want to set one underneath.

IMG_0846Here’s where the fun part starts! No this isn’t Pepto….I took a big scoop of pink frosting (store bought) and put it in the microwave for 30 seconds to thin it out.

IMG_0859Dunk donut tops into warm frosting and dust with sprinkles. Enjoy!


Here are the donuts I posted to Instagram the other day…

Processed with VSCOcam with s1 presetThe cooking technique is exactly the same, but I made glazed and cinnamon sugar donuts. For the cinnamon sugar donuts all you need to do is melt a little butter (I used Earth Balance, because that makes them healthy right?) and dip the top and bottom side in the butter. Then sprinkle or dredge them in cinnamon sugar. I’ve read about people shaking them in a brown bag, but these donuts are so soft after frying, I’m not sure they’d hold their perfect shape.

For the glazed donuts, the glaze recipe is super easy:

2 cups confectioners sugar

1 tsp vanilla extract

2-4 tbs hot water

Mix all ingredients together until smooth. Add more hot water as needed (I like mine super thin). Coat the donuts on both sides and place on wire rack so the excess can drip off.

I hope you enjoy these donuts as much as we have! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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