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Spare Room Progress: Let’s Get Board!

One of the major questions facing us with our spare room was: how can we make this a comfortable guest room now, without making huge changes when it becomes a nursery later? We decided that relaxing and beachy would please any of it’s future tenants (adult or otherwise). This decision came with one condition: if a little girl ends up taking full residency down the line- I insist on switching out the current light fixture for a chandelier. Josh agreed, so it’s full steam ahead!

Here’s a picture of our starting point. Josh (my husband) and Drebin (my dog) are pretty much the only good things going on in this picture. This room became the catch-all space when we first moved in- so we had stained carpet, temporary shades and dirty, white walls to work with.

Guest Room Redo

One of the things I actually did like about the room, were these wooden closet doors. Unfortunately they were super old and the track was rusted- so they too had to go. Don’t let the doors hit you on the way out! #burn

Guest Room Redo

The next thing that had to go was the carpet. We figured painting would be a breeze minus the moldings and carpet, so I ripped it out one night at 10pm. Do you see those 2 little windows in the picture below? Those made carpet removal super easy. I literally rolled it up and shoved it through the window! You’ll notice that the hardwood ends a couple feet before the window (sob), that’s because this room was expanded at some point.

Guest Room Redo

Guest Room RedoNext we had to choose a paint color. You’ll notice in the first picture that we had 2 options on the wall. One was Behr Delicate Mist and the other was Behr Celtic Gray. I’m going to be honest- if it was up to me, my entire house would be white. I have a huge fear of commitment when it comes to color. I chose the color on top (because it was the lightest possible shade of blue) and on the morning we were going to paint, Josh convinced me to go with the darker shade. I’m really hoping he doesn’t read this, but HE WAS SO RIGHT!

Guest Room Redo

Guest Room Redo

Guest Room Redo

I love the way the Celtic Gray looks on the walls and the way it compliments the dark gray wallpaper in our hallway. Because we don’t have shades up yet, getting pictures that accurately show the color is a little difficult. This photo of the doorway is pretty darn close!

Guest Room Redo

Next up was changing out that horrible light! Choosing light fixtures is never easy for me and Josh, because we have such different taste. Basically I like everything that sparkles and he likes everything that doesn’t. I’ve always had a vision of a cute little nursery with a sparkling chandelier; but because this isn’t a nursery yet- I needed to pull it together! I found this Double Drum light at Lamps Plus, and when Josh actually liked it too- I bought it immediately. I’ve been wanting a more stylish fixture for my office, so if my chandelier dreams come true – this can transition into that space.

Guest Room Redo

Guest Room Redo

After the light we moved on to carpet. I’ve always loved a textured look, so we went with this Traverse carpet in Park Place. I got a lower pile carpet so it can be layered with cozy area rugs. The man who installed the carpet got all diva on me when I tried to take his picture. He was like, “You need to call my agent first!”. That’s SO California.


Now it’s time to get board! (Stop using me for my puns, you guys) I have been dreaming of beadboard since we moved into this house. We live in a beach city, so I feel like it’s so cute and homey. Homey in a beachy way, not homey in a Long Beachy way. The pictures below show progress- but we have a ways to go! My dad and Josh worked all day to get the wall boards up; the next step will be the baseboards and trim. We set a couple pieces of each against the beadboard in the last picture to get an idea of how it will look when it’s done.

spare room redo

spare room redospare room redo

Feel free to ask any questions about the bead board installation in the comments below! We discovered lots of tricks as we went.

There’s so much more to do in this room. Here’s my list:

  • Caulk and clean beadboard
  • Add top and bottom moldings
  • Hang roman shades
  • Hang curtains
  • Install mirrored closet doors
  • Paint room door
  • Figure out a temporary bed situation for guests (that doesn’t look temporary)
  • Replace door knob
  • Find a cozy area rug and furniture pieces that can transition (I would love to find a chest of drawers that could convert into a changing table)

I will most likely hold off on art for a little while- unless I find something I can’t resist (or I decide to buy one of the 1,000 paintings I have bookmarked on Etsy).

What kind of projects do you have going on at your house? Did any of you design a room with a transition in mind?  I wanna know!

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