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I always love seeing what products my friends are using, so when I teamed up with Always Discreet to try out their new delivery service through Target (THE BEST!), I thought it would be fun to dump the contents of my bag and share my other daily essentials. Not pictured: The wallet that my husband lovingly refers to as “the filing cabinet” because it’s so packed with receipts, the 50 lbs of loose change at the bottom of my bag…and so, so many crumbs. Here’s what’s in my purse:


Always Discreet Liners- Throughout my pregnancy I swore by these liners, and now they’ve become a purse essential. Unfortunately, all the embarrassing side effects of pregnancy don’t just disappear the moment you have your baby (will sneezing ever be the same?!). These liners are super thin and keep me feeling confident, from my morning stroller strides to the baby’s bedtime routine.


Day Planner/Pen- Call me crazy, but I kick it old school when it comes to my schedule. I’ve tried going digital with my calendar, and it doesn’t give me the satisfaction of crossing off scribbles and to-do’s. I like to see everything written out, and I like my planners big! My pen of choice is the felt tip, all the way.

Phone Charger- My husband got me a charger that’s like 100 feet long and I love it. I always leave it in my purse in case I need an emergency recharge (from an outlet a mile away).

Book- I always carry a book around that I never have time to read because it makes me feel sophisticated. So far the baby hasn’t offered to nap so I can sit on a park bench and read a chapter, but that happens eventually, right? IMG_1133

Dakota Vox Lighted Mascara-  This awesome black mascara includes a light and mirror, so I can easily apply my mascara on the go. The actual wand lights up! It’s wonderful quality and really lengthens my lashes. I LOVE!

Rosewater- This was given to me at a holiday gift swap and I’ve been using it ever since. You can use it as a body splash or just spray a little into your face or hair for a pick-me-up.

Hand Sanitizer Spray- I’ve never been big on the hand sanitizer until I had the baby; I hate the strong alcohol smell that most of them have. This spray by Honest Company smells really good, and makes me feel better about touching my son’s hands or face when I can’t wash my hands first. IMG_1127

Total Refresh Cooling Body Cloths- Shout out to hormones for making me sweat like a teenage boy! These cloths are great after exercising or on the road for instant freshness. They’re cooling with an energizing scent- both great for summer.

Tissues- I’d say these are for the occasional runny nose, but they’re mostly for wiping chocolate off my face.

Aquaphor and Aveda Nourish-mint Lip Glaze- I have super dry lips and this combo of ointment and gloss seems to keep them in check. I don’t know if any of you have used the Aveda lip glaze, but it’s the most wonderful cooling peppermint flavor.


Teething Necklace- This thing is great for my little teething babe. I have toys and teethers galore in his diaper bag, but this stays in my purse for when I want to get gnawed on in style. I wear it, he chews it.

Aveda Stress-Fix- I’m big on essential oils, and this is my current fav. It’s a super light, stress relieving scent that I rub behind my ears or on the inside of my wrists when I need some zen.

Trail mix and apple- These two snack items are almost always in my purse. Sometimes the apple’s in better shape than others.

Sunglasses- Specifically, the cheapest ones I can find. I am the WORST at not loosing, scratching or crushing glasses- so I buy a handful of cheap ones and peacefully lay them to rest as needed.

What are your purse essentials? Let me know in the comments below!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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