The 35th Birthday Present I Gave To Myself

I can’t tell you exactly why this birthday felt so different….maybe because it’s correlating with the end of our baby phase, or maybe because 35 feels shockingly close to 40- but it did. I don’t mean it felt sad or scary, but it felt like the start of a new chapter.

Recently I was listening to a podcast that I really enjoy- The Goal Digger Podcast with Jenna Kutcher. It was a short and sweet episode about tips for people who work from home. One of her 5 tips is “Get dressed”, where she stressed the importance of showing up. This really resonated with me, because for the last 5 years my outfits have rotated from maternity to nursing-friendly and then eventually to stretched out and stained. I have justified this by saying, “I’m in survival mode” and “I can’t have nice things”…but honestly…will those two truths ever change? Not any time soon!

The last couple years have been a lot of waiting. “‘ll start that when the kids go to school”, “I’ll start getting in pictures when I have time to get ready”, “I’ll be able to date my husband again once Sammy’s sleeping better” and “I’ll buy new clothes when I’m out of the toddler phase”. For some reason, on that day (1 week shy of my birthday) I grabbed every single item in my closet that made me feel “meh”: yoga pants, maternity shirts, stretchy stained who-knows-whats, stretched out nursing bras I should have burned a year ago and THREW THEM IN A TRASH BAG. These items can bless someone else, and I will bless myself with the gift of showing up again.

I told my husband all I wanted for my birthday was to slowly create a new wardrobe, and he was thrilled that I was actually asking for something for myself. Best gift ever.

I’m one week clean from yoga pants- and I have to say, it’s felt so good to get dressed again. I have not sworn off comfort- no way! I still dress around the fact that I always have a 2 year old’s hand down my shirt (when do they out grow that!!!?), that I spend 80 percent of my day either indian-style or bouncing a toddler on my hip and because things do get ruined, I have a focus on affordability. Man, it feels good to show up and it’s done wonders for my productivity, motivation and soul. I highly recommend looking at how the items in your closet make you feel and doing a purge. I have less now, and will do laundry more often until I’ve accumulated replacement items- but the things I do have make me feel good- and I love that.

So spill it, ladies. Where are your favorite places to shop these days? Preferably places with an online option because: kids.

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