The Day Gravity Goes Loco

Gosh, I feel like I haven’t posted forever (a month to be exact)! The title of this post should be “The Month(s) Tracy’s Life Went Loco”. Things have been wonderful, just hectic. We’ve had a long trail of house guests and my sweet little toddler keeps me going non-stop. I also got bit by the nesting bug much earlier this pregnancy, and have been working hard to get the house in order for baby #2 (see my nursery inspiration HERE). My son is at such a fun age right now, and I’m trying to soak up every second of it, especially because I know I only have a couple more months of this precious one on one time. So thank you for being patient, as I’m not as consistent as I once was.


Although my number one job has been mommy for the past year, I’ve been in the wonderful position to take projects here and there that really excite me. The most recent was voicing this super fun children’s book written and doodled by, Ryan Maloney. Ryan and I have collaborated on a ton of cartoons, and I’m over the moon to see him put his talent into¬†book form.


Max adores this story; he laughs so hard when I tell him “Oh no! The cows are flying!!!!”. Beautifully illustrated, perfect for any age and even packed with science and Spanish lessons- The Day Gravity Goes Loco, is a must-have for your book shelves! Check out the video I voiced below, and score your copy¬†HERE!

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