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Mom-Hack: Nightly Skincare

Since becoming a mom, I have treated my skin horribly. My husband works a crazy schedule and I start working once I put the kids to bed. Once my work is done for the night, sometimes I don’t even feel like washing my face- and often times I don’t. I know- that’s bad, but I also know I can’t be the only woman on this planet who isn’t consistent with skincare- or self-care for that matter. Enter, the mom hack that’s changed my skin!

I haven’t been consistent about washing my face, but do you know what I AM consistent about? Giving my kids a bath! I can count how many times they’ve gone to bed without a bath on one hand- it’s a part of our routine.

So, I moved all my skincare to my kids bathroom, and every night while they enjoy their bath, I wash my face. Not only do I wash my face- I do masks (kids think it’s so funny!), I spot treat, I tweeze eyebrows…I spend 10 of those bath minutes right next to them, modeling self care guilt-free!

Maybe you’re not on the self-care struggle bus like me, but if you are– try this! By time my kids are asleep, I can cross one thing off my to-do list and my skin is so much better for it. Mom win!

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