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Tracy’s Faves: I Am Happy and More!

It’s been a long time since I shared some of my faves. Maybe because I haven’t had the opportunity to use beauty products or shower in 5 months! Hahahahaha (I laugh to keep from crying). Seriously though, I love sharing things that I enjoy- so, here goes- a mixed bag of awesome!

(From left to right)

Bioré Baking Soda Pore Cleanser

I’m not exaggerating when I tell you, I had been using the same Neutrogena face wash since high school! I was sent this face wash to try and I LOVE IT! It’s the same exact price point and available at drugstores and places like Target. It leaves your skin feeling so clean and fresh. I’m usually not a huge fan of exfoliating cleansers for every night, because I feel like it’s too rough on my skin- but this has little beads that are super gentle, not sandy. I’d say it’s ideal for combination skin like mine. Give it a try, I promise you’ll end up with skin that’s fresh, silky-soft and luminous (I never knew how badly I wanted to use the word “luminous” in a post until this moment).

Noodle & Boo Ultimate Ointment

First of all, if you’ve never used a Noodle & Boo product- mommy or not- do it! All of their products are amazing and with the exception of this one which is unscented, they have my absolute fave baby product scent. Sammy struggled with really bad cradle cap and I tried everything to get rid of it! The combination of this Ultimate Ointment and Mustela Gentle Shampoo ended up being the solution. It’s great for diaper rash and bottom care, skin sensitivities, cradle cap and mama’s hands and elbows. Great stuff.

Lil’ Leona I Am Happy 

This was an accidental Amazon find (probably nursing at 3am). I was looking for a more affordable option for natural & tear free shampoo and it popped up. I love, love, love it! The scent is so sweet and soothing, and I love it for my kiddos baths. The packaging is happy, the customer service is great and it’s just a really great product.

Oilogic Slumber & Sleep

My oil-obsessed friends will probably gasp that I bought an essential oils roller at Target- but I don’t care, this product line is great. I plan to share 2 more of my faves from this line, but we’ll start with the Slumer & Sleep. Does this make my child lay down and sleep? No. An actual tranquilizer gun wouldn’t do that. But paired with a warm bath and some cozy pajamas, it sets the tone for a relaxed bedtime- and let’s be honest- us parents need all the help we can get. I use it on myself too, and definitely enjoy breathing in the calm.

Honest Company Breathe Easy

My kids have been put through it this cold and flu season. It’s so frustrating, because at their age there is nothing you can do except keep the nose clean, run a humidifier and keep them comfortable. This product has been life saving for us. Eucalyptus & tea tree oils help support clear breathing, and lavender & rosemary oils help soothe & calm. This product is perfectly safe for babies, kids & parents too! I rub it on Max’s feet, the back of his neck and on his chest. With Sammy (I just started recently, so please make sure your baby is old enough and not sensitive) I rub a little bit on her feet and chest, being mindful it’s nowhere she could touch and then rub her little eyes. I highly recommend this rub.

All Aboard California

We have the California book, but you can get any state that’s special to you! This board book series celebrates the unique qualities of each state, and it’s so cute! It’s perfect as a shower gift, for a family that’s moving or simply to teach your little one about the place that they live. Bonus points for the artwork being so gorgeous you can use it as a decorative piece in the nursery.

Love Mia Co Hair Bow

How do I say this about my sweet daughter….ok….her head is up there in percentile. I’ve bought her a bunch of little bows, and I just don’t feel like they’re comfortable, and the ones that fit well are so floppy they become uncomfortable too. Love Mia Co are my favorite because they fit well, and they’re just nice and simple. They have almost every color under the sun (fun prints too) and at a couple dollars a pop, they’re super affordable. The customer service was amazing, and shipping was fast. You can find them here: www.etsy.com/shop/LoveMiaCo Bonus tip: They have the absolute cutest bachelorette hair ties ever! Check them out.

Bonblissity Mango Sorbet Hand Scrub

Now onto a super-indulgent treat for your hands. These individually wrapped exfoliator + moisture scrubs are the BOMB! I use them on my elbows and feet too. They smell so good. I repeat, they smell SO FREAKING GOOD!!!!! I don’t get vacation anymore, so I just smell my hands and imagine I’m on an island (put that on a mug). These little suckers are packed with nourishing oils that leave your hands GLOWING and so silky soft. You can find them here: www.bonblissity.com Ps. You might look at them and think, “That seems pricey for a little box”. No! There are over 40 in the box and they last you forever.

I loved sharing my current faves with you! I’m going to start doing it weekly again. It’s like having a accountability partner, but for showering and washing my face.

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