Tracy’s Faves: Milestone Cards and Album

This week in the “things I’m loving” category are these adorable products from Milestone. I’ve shared my love for their cards before (with Max), but I was thinking about items for Sammy’s Easter basket and it reminded me how cute they are. I’m putting the Baby Photo Cards in for her and the Activity Cards in for Max. Kind of a gift for mama too, but they’ll love to look at them when they’re older. I snap a picture of them with their cards on memorable days and then tuck them into the Milestone photo album (which holds 300 pics!). It’s so easy.

This isn’t an ad or an affiliate…these things never are. Just pure love for a really awesome company/product. Keep these tucked in your diaper bag, because you never know what special milestones might happen on any given day.


To recap:

Limited Edition Baby Photo Cards 

Milestone’s classic Baby Cards; 30 photo cards. Ideal for framing as décor in a nursery or to a scrapbook!

Price: $24 at milestone-world.com

First Year Photo Album by Milestone

Photo album to hold 300 photos and photo cards with colorful stickers for customization!

Price: $36 at milestone-world.com

Activity Cards

There’s a first time for everything! A visit to the museum or the zoo, eating at a restaurant, going to the movies or a sports game, first time on a boat or in the snow. The Activity Cards set contains 30 cards with moments to see and do together with your little one.

Price: $24 at milestone-world.com

They have lots of awesome products I didn’t mention, including pregnancy and twin cards- def check them out!


The Minimino swaddle blanket shown is another one of my favorite things. With Max I used the Aden and Anais, because they were popular and cute. These are a million times better, in my opinion. They don’t shrink, they’re much bigger (so you can use them once your babies aren’t newborns for covering the stroller, nursing, picnics etc.) and the prints are adorable. I snagged mine on Amazon, but it looks like they’re temporarily out of stock there. Check in on their site for updates: miniminoshop.com

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